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Got a smoker for X-mas

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I am new to smoking meat. My wife bought me a Bradley Electric smoker.

I have ran it twice, for an hour each time to season it.

It came with hickory "biskets", so I will want to smoke with hickory for starters.

I want to try a pork roast for starters. Not sure what to rub it with. I want to use apple juice instead of water, I saw that on TV.

Just wanted to say Hi. I plan on reading up on the forums before I plug in my smoker again.

I plan on working my way up to pork ribs, beef ribs and brisket.

Any input appreaciated.
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Paprika, CBP, onion and garlic powder. Start it all by rubbing with good ole' mustard. Helps the rest stick, among other things you'll learn soon.

Don't forget a mop sauce... cider vinegar, brown sugar, hot red ground pepper ... and my fave..James B. Beam bourbon.

Smoke at 225-250 till internal temp of 180-ish for slicing, 200-ish for pulling.

Read on..there's a thousand other recipes here. But I'll buy yer butt if ya use this and hate it :{)
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By the way...where ya from? And you can add the apple juice to the mop.
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Welcome to SMF! Check out the free 5 day ecourse. Its full of info for a starter. Other than that feel free to ask questions.
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I live in Salado Texas, south of Temple. I am a transplant here from North Carolina and before there Kansas.

I have always liked to eat smoked meat, but always left that up to the pros.

The one thing that has me kinda confused is wrapping the meat in foil.

Well make it two things, I have a meat thermonitor, but it is just a two pronged thing, is that what I need? or do I need something that pokes deeper?
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I have signed up.

Besides seasoning the smoker, I have not done anything else, still eating leftover fried turkey.

I plan on smoking my first meal on it this Saturday. My wife is from NC and loves pulled pork. So that will be the first thing I smoke.
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Congrats again, on the new smoker. Don't know much about the Bradley's other than they cost to much for mebiggrin.gif . If you will be smoking a butt or shoulder for the 1st time check out this thread
It the basic pulled pork thread full of info. It also talks about foiling.
Not sure what about the foiling has you confused. Explain more please.

For the thermometer you mean you are using one like this?
If so it works fine with one problem you have to open the smoker to check the meat temp. This causes you to loose heat that is in the smoker.
MIght get one like this... or one like this......
With these the probe runs through the door of the smoker and stays in the meat allowing you to see its temp with out opening the door.
Hope this helps.
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I just bought the Rib Rub & Sauce recipes, thought it was a good way to support the site.

Also read thru lesson one.
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I just was not sure if foiling was needed, but from what I can tell it is. Maybe confusing was the wrong word. I did not know that the meat needed to be wrapped in foil after a period of time.

I think I need to get a different meat thermonitor. Besides that, and some more reading, I think I will be ready by Saturday morning to smoke some pork.

Thanks for the link, now I just need to find a way to make the vinager based sauce that my wife likes.
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Good deal. Everyone loves Jeff's recipes.
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Yep, I have the one in the first picture, I will get a probe type.
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The link ds7662 posted is a absolute NO FAIL pullled pork recipe that your friends and family will congradulate you on. Personally it it taste awesome as plain pulled pork but I would also add a finishing sauce for the putting over the top effect.

I would wish you luck, but with the advise you have received allready; you will not need it.
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Yeah as Mossy said. I Pm'd you the link for Finishing Sauce as Mossy was typing his post.
Great minds think alike Mossy.icon_smile.gif
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First welcome! next i used Meowey's butt smoking method and SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce.... it was a big hit! turned out great!! Good luck smokin' and lets see some qviews!
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I recently bought my husband a bradley electric smoker for his birthday. He plans on making venison jerky, sausage, and the ordinary ribs, pork, etc. Anyone have any suggestions on how to smoke ribs and have the meat falling off the bones style?? My husband made some but they were pretty tough but tasted good. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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Wecome to the SMF, a place for friendly folks who love to share with others.
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Welcome aboard. Lots of great info here. Just ask.

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If I remember my many drives down to South Padre, Temple is on I-35 somewhere between Dallas and San Antonio.

I have nothing but sympathy for you that you had to leave the wonderful state of Kansas! Especially since you wound up in Texas! If my wife had her way, we would be in Harlingen or somewhere down in the lower tip of the state.

Anyway, welcome to SMF!
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place.
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