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I,m guessing your making a horizontal correct, without a buffer of some kind, you'd be cooking over direct heat.........
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what he means by a deflector I belive is somthing between hot plate & meat so it wont get to hot-I use a small cast iron pan for my chips-rests on the hot plate( i have water pan also) acts as a drip pan also-maybe make it so u can place a grate over the hot-plate 4 inches above it-will hold a heavy pie plate with water in it-helps control temp.with hot plate a small hole in the bottem or low in the side for plug to come out of should work for bottem vent,u really don't want to crack door cuz smoke will go out there instead of throught the meat towards the top of smoker. hope u totaly not confused.
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no. i was going to us a pan for my chips on the hotplate. and a drip pan so that should work for my deflector. bit i put a small axes door in the front for chip adding. so the smoke will still rise.
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ya you will need a door to add chips -sounds like u have it covered-good luck
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