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...Nice recipe Mike!!..
...It is one of my favorites too...a real crowd pleaser!!...One thing I do...if the food sheriff isn't hovering around, is add nutmeg and cinnamon to the top of the cobbler just before setting the lid...I seems to add the 'touch' it needs to really go well with the vanilla ice cream...
... As for DO's I could go on for a long time...but I won't.
...I do have a tip though for cobblers in your black pot...line the DO with PARCHMENT PAPER before you start loading in your goodies...It makes it a whole lot easier to clean.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I've been cooking with DO's for many years and you would have thought this simple and easy little trick would have crossed my mind at least once. I guess that just shows which of the 2, my mind or the tip, is simpler.icon_rolleyes.gif
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WOW, I haven't checked this post for a few days and the response has been amazing. It still blows me away that so many people jump at the chance to help out a fellow cooker, especially a newbie. Thanks again guys for the recipes, tips, and links.
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What is your suggestion or what do you use.
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...On the subject of briquet fired DO's ...I posted some info in the 'Special cooking tip' section of this folder...
...I would link to it, but my kids are still asleep...and I haven't figured that out yet!!
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The International Dutch Oven Society has a website that has a recipe section. Check out . They are in the process of revamping the site so drop by and check them out.
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Welcome to the site. I have never cooked in a d.o. But I have had food from one and it was good. I love peach cobble from a d.o. on an campfire.

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Well, thanks for the welcome Kookie, but I've been on the SMF site at least a couple of times.icon_mrgreen.gif

Have you thought about getting a d.o.? A 12 in. regular oven is a nice all around oven but if you're looking to do breads, go with a 12 in. deep as the extra head space will come in handy.

My d.o's are a mixed bag of Lodge, Camp Chef, a couple of decent Chinese knock offs and a Century and the sizes run from a 5 in. up to a 14 in.

An inexpensive way to get into d.o. cooking is to start with a Camp Chef they are a lot less spendy than Lodge but are still well made. If you get bit by the castironitis bug you can always move up to the Lodge.
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...I'll back ya on the Camp Chef DO's Dutch...they are a good product...
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Are Camp Chef ovens domestically produced? If not, which I think is the case, why not go ahead a plunk down the few extra bucks to get an American made product?
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Check out this website.

I've used some of them when in scouts earlier, but can't remember which ones. They were all good. It also has some good how-to's.

One hint. When piling coals on the lid, be very careful not to get ash in the food. Same rule as with the smoker, don't open it often. When you do, get all the large ash off, then blow around the crack to get small stuff out. Next, i use a handfull of green pine straw to "sweep" the lid crack. No ash ever gets in. This is more important if like me you were not using a "camp" version with the lip on top. I was using a standard one and the ash is a bigger problem with those.
post #32 of 35 my part of the woods it is about double... camp c vs. lodge...both are excellent products IMHO...
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Bear, Camp Chef ovens are produced overseas but their quality control on the product is excellent.

But like I mentioned to Kookie, Camp Chefs are great as a starter oven if you can't afford the extra cash for a Lodge.
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[quote=packplantpath;138074]Check out this website.

I've used some of them when in scouts earlier, but can't remember which ones. They were all good. It also has some good how-to's.

Thanks for sharing that link, 3P's. I have used a lot of recipes in my 20+ years as a scouter. I began using those recipes when the first version came out in 1990. Printed several copies off and put them in a flexible binder and every troop/patrol chuck box got one in every Troop that I had the pleasure of being a Scout Master in. And your are correct-good recipes and good info to be had there.
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Is it worth the cost of buying a less expensive product and risk seeing another company forced by economics to move its production overseas? I'd rather buy something made in South Pittsburgh, TN, than "save" a little on something made in South Bejing, China.

I'm not trying to stir up anything, but it is an issue that should be addressed.
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