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How do you smoke sausage? It's not the kind you make fatties with. It's the regular kind in long lengths or 'strips' like you buy at the store. The charts don't say how long or at what temp to cook them. Any suggestions?
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These sausage are on now and I don't know how long to cook them. The temp is around 260 because I had some chicken on. How long should the sausage stay on? icon_question.gif
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Not a chub? Strips? Are you talking about breakfast links? Hav a pic?
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Something like this kind of sausage. I just got this pic from Google.

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Gotcha. I usually cook these types of sausage links and Brats to 180F to ensure doneness. Hope that helps.
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You pull them off at 180?
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yeah. Between 170F and 180F. They should be plenty done.
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Internally, the temp of sausage should ideally be between 160 - 180 to ensure no triconosissisisis...spelling? LOL
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Did you stuff these in hog casings ?? Also what seasoning did you use ?? Was there a pink cure packet with it ??

Need a bit more info on what you are making. BUT, brentmann covered it for you. Normally I smoke my sausages to an IT of 148 - 152, whenever I have pork in that item.

My smoke schedule starts the sausages out at ~130*, until the surface is still slightly tacky, then close the damper, and put the smoke to it. After an hour, I turn it up to 145*, after another hour, it goes up to 160* and then to 170* an hour after that. Adding in a water pan after 30 minutes at 160*. Continuing to cook until I get an IT of 148* - 152*. Remove from the house and cold shower the product down, ideally , to 70* - 80*. This can be tought for the home sausage maker, so I just put it in a pan, and let cold water run over it for about 20 minutes. Then take it out and let it dry off, and chill. Preferrably at the same time.

Hope this helps
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The sausage I smoked were just regular sausage in a package that came from a local grocery store. We just tossed them on the smoker without even putting anything on or in them. We probably waited longer than most to pull them, but the sausage was tender and had a good taste. I didn't know how to cook this kind.
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Johnnie, what was the internal temp of those little guys when ya' pulled them?
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When doin this kind of sausage, smoke till 160 internal temp.
Much better than cooking on the grill PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Uh, about 200. icon_neutral.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_15.gifPDT_Armataz_01_05.gifPDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Crunchy critter's.........that's how ya learn bro, keep at it!!wink.gif
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Hey thats alright. Ya' said they tasted great! You prolly just made them even more tender.
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They were very tender and not crunchy at all. They were still hot. I don't know if they get crunchy when they cool or not.
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Just don't wait...eat 'em up!

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Weird thing is, I'm not a big sausage eater. I love the baby backs like we cooked in these pictures: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=12115
They were really good.
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No problem. Send 'em my way!
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LOL. OK. PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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