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Great looking prime rib !!! If you do not mind me asking, what is your prep as far as injecting, rub, ingredients, etc?
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I take it to 140 internal (med rare and pull it from the pit, wrapping it with foil loose and allow it to rest for 45 min- to 1 hour before slicing.
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We like to dry age the prime in the fridge for at least three days, and at the most five days. The night before it goes on the smoker we apply a wet rub of our rub mixed with Worcestershire sauce making a paste. Then apply it all over the prime making a crust.
The next day prior to going on the smoker we take it out of the fridge allowing it to come to room temp before going on the pit. Once on the pit we spray it every 45 minutes with apple juice and take it to 140 internal and then pull from the pit. Hope this helps
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I only have one question Bossman. Is there any left???
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That is an awesome price, and a magical looking piece of meat! If I could get them around here for that price, I'd do one every month.Thanks for the insight, I look forward to more stuff from you sir!
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Technically, it ain't 'prime' rib. It's a ribeye roast. Only USDA Prime beef can be called 'prime' anything.

Funny thing, our family bought and prepared the same exact thing! It was great, for a select grade of beef. We oven roasted ours, since our smoker is dead. I didn't get a new smoker for Christmas, so it's shopping time.

I coated our ribeye roast with oil, salt and fresh cracked black pepper. We roasted it at 350 until internal temp hit 118. We then tented it under some aluminum foil until she hit 135. Yeah, that's how much carry over heat there is in a roast this size. Taking it to 140 is way too high, I think. At 135, it was perfect medium-rare.

Our ribeye roast dinner was fantastic, and so were the leftovers. No doubt your meal was fantastic, too. My sister's family made the same roast, too.
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