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Q-view of my first smoke

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I did this and didn't prepare much at all for it. Just got my MES yesterday and couldn't wait to use it. My next smoke will use more rubs and recipes. I'm not sure how this will turn out, but I'll let you know. These are very basic pictures, but I like to see other pics so I'll post a few of my first smoke too.

Baby backs. Took membrane off, covered with mustard and put Tony Cacherie's on.

Two whole chickens. All we did was wash them, soak them in Italian dressing and add a little Tony Caherie's.

They're on the MES now and they smell really good. I'll post more pics later. These aren't pretty, but hopefully they'll taste good!

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Looking really good so far!smile.gif
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Somethings not right though. See this link:
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Lookin good for a coon-a** PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif I don't know where your at but I lived in Lafayette for 2yrs, 84-86 and I really enjoyed that area and I quickly learned what a cajun 7 course dinner was. A Six-Pack and a pound of Boudain.
Good luck on your smoke!
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I'm about 75 miles north of New Orleans. We're about 4 hours from Lafayette.
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Noway Blackhawk, that's a six pack and ten pounds of crawfish, you just don't count the 0 in da in the crawfish. haha!!
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Here's the finished products. It's not the prettiest pictures that have been posted here, but the food was delicious. It can be better, but it's as good as I've had, especially locally. Plus, this cost about $20 and it fed three in my family, plus I gave a chicken to my brother's family. A meal for three at the local BBQ place for three would be about $50-$60. I think I've found a new hobby and will likely be smoking something else tomorrow. Me and my dad had fun doing this. When I use Jeff's rub and sauce and follow directions better, the BBQ will only improve. icon_smile.gif

Two finished chickens

Blurry pic of baby backs. We halved the slab before smoking. It was so tender that it was in four pieces before it got off the smoker.

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Congrat on a successful smoke. Those birds look very tasty and you got some nice pull back on those ribs. Like all of us here I am sure things will only continue to get better and better.

Congrats again!
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All looks well here!
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Great looking first smoke
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Turned out looking' good! Congrats!
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HAHAHA You're hooked now, "Hello My name is John and I'm a Smoke-a-holic". All kidding aside John, that was some good looking food. And from here on in it only gets better.
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Good Job. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That is about right. LOL

Good job Johnnie!!!
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remember your always your own worst critic! I thought the pics looked great. We look at allot meat and what may not look pretty some, Looks beautifull to us!

It all looked real good and I can't wait to see your next smoke!
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Nice Smoke...
For your first smoke you took on alot... Keep them pics coming

Smoke On!!
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Nice Job on your first smoke!!!
Chicken looked very good!
Welcome to the smoking addicition PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looked like they turned out pretty good ...

on the chickens ... they will get done a lot quicker then you think .. esp small ones ... i try to stick with ones that are around 4 lbs ... and even those are done in 4 hours on average ...

if you didn't with these birds ... try soaking them for a day in a brine mixture before you put the seasoning on them and put them in the smoker ... makes a world of difference ... (i like sticking a small onion inside the cavety as well)

i am not to familiar with the kind of smoker you have .. but what i have found out on the vents ... (for a coal burning one this is) .. the lower vent is used to control the temp ... the upper vent should be as open as possible so that the smoke can escape and not have a chance to linger around and cool off enough to leave a cresote coating on the meats (not sure if this is a problem with electrics)
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