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Trimming Spare Ribs

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How many people trim their spare ribs, I usualy do but this time they're not for me and I was just wondering about how many people liked them trimmed or just throw them in the smoker the way they are. I mean I'll be rubbing them and all that, just wondering about trimming them. icon_rolleyes.gif
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I pretty much always trim them St. Louis the cleaner eating of a babyback (none of the gristle thingy part) but the flavor of the spares.
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ALWAY'S trim, they don't cook properly otherwise, what i mean is the tip's are overdone and the brisket blocks the rib's from getting smoke, besides, if you don't trim, there's no snack for the cook!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Ok as usual you guys helped me out, thank you, trim them it is.
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I know you guys already know how to trim the ribs.. but for the new people who may be wondering how to trim those spare into St. Louis style check out this youtube link...
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Pigcicles Thanks for that link, he makes it look sooooo easy doesn't he. I only wish I could get the membrane(?) to come off that easy LOL. But It was also helpful on the way to find the slit in the bones.
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I think he has seen it done one or twice. Just keep a sharp knife and it's a lot easier. Hope it helps some out.
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as far as the membrane goes.......i have found grasping a edge of the "silver" skin, with either a paper napkin or paper towel...........helps give you a better grip
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I always take the membrane off of ribs. I hate to eat ribs that have it on, there is a big difference IMHO. I used to start at one end and pick away at it. Seemed to take forever and many papertowels to get it done. Since then I accidently started the skin in the middle part of the rack, on the edge nearest the big end of the bone. Just start a fork tine under the skin.(there are actually 2 layers of skin. Only take off the outer layer). Pry up with the tine, and work it farther in, and repeat. Soon you'll be able to get a finger in there and pry up carefully and work towards the ends from the center. I almost always get the skin off in 1 big piece, unless it has been cut or sliced. Try it and see if that helps.icon_mrgreen.gif
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I find it always works better if they aren't really cold from the refrigerator...let them warm up a little bit...
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