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How much smoke?

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I know that it will vary from the types of meat and the types of wood, but what would be a good guidline for how much wood to use to smoke the meat. I prefer hickory and apple for the most part a little mesquite here and there and other than that I have not used anything else.

Anyway the question is how much to put on at one time and about how often to replenish? I am getting ready to do a brisket here in a minute and I am just curious.

Thanks for any imput
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Use just the right less.

All joking aside, too many variable to really be able to answer that IMO. Things such as tastes preference, type of smoker, etc all play a large factor.

Something generic for a guideline is usually a couple of fist sized chunks to start out and add a couple more when the smoke is not visible.
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Hey Ryan:

I would start with a chunk (about 2" x 2") or two and see how much smoke that produces and be guided accordingly. You want a steady stream of thin blue smoke, not white and billowy.

Every smoker is different but for mine I start with a chunk or two this size and then as the wood tray gets nice and hot I might switch to a fist sized chunk. If you put too much on and the smoke stays white and thick for more then a few minutes then remove some wood with a long handled tongs.

My wood is store bought so depending on what it is the size varies. My hickory and cherry tend to be in smaller pieces but my pecan and apple is larger.
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Allot of people will stop applying smoke when the internal temp reaches 140º, That's the point when the smoke ring stops to form.

Being I use the smokie okie method when smoking a brisket I stop when I foil it.

I use one chunk at a time to keep the smoke thin. I replenish when it stops smoking. Pretty strait forward.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks that info really helps. I think in the past i've been putting on too much smoke.
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well..........too much will get alot of answers on that.......some like a milder smoke flavor............but not me........i use smoke up till i wrap in foil at 170, then in oven.....(uses less fuel this way) till it hits 200-205, then wrap in blankets.....into the cooler till meal time......couple hours..........i also spritz the meat when i wrap in foil........

don't forget to put a pan under the brisket to collect all those juices.......FINEST kind
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One more question

when smoking the brisket you don't ever turn or flip it do you? You just leave it fat side up right?
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ahhahaha........there's another much debated topic.........i smoke fat side down, with the belief that the fat will percolate UP.........if you use a rub on your brisket.........fat side up will tend to wash the rub off, just abit......thats how i do it anyhoots..........
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Ok one more

what is everyones opionions on sauce? During cooking, post cooking, or none? and for this brisket or any meat for that matter
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On the side. Usually I don't even use sauce, but that's just me.
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I'm with pigcicles, on the side. You can always add sauce if you like to, but you can't take it out.
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