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My Christmas brisket

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Here is the brisket I smoked Monday night for Christmas lunchm The wife cooked a ham in the oven :(. It was good too, though. I put a pic of it too to make her happy. The brisket was a 12.75-lb packer. It took 19 hours to hit 185° in the flat.
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That brisket looks good!!! Tell the wife she did well on the ham.
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Look's great Chris, tell mama her ham look's good to!!!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Looking pretty good there Waco kid.
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Hope my first time at a brisket turns out as well as yours...ham looks good as well!
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All of it looks great as usual Chris. What did you use as a mop/spray on the brisket?
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Nice one chris! I could go for a few slices of that right about now!
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I didn't mop/spray it at all. I placed it in an alum pan, fat side down, for the whole cook time. I rubbed it with some sweet hot mustard, and put Jeff's rub all over it. Then I got the smoker up to temp, and placed it in there. I smoked it until it hit 160°, then put it in the oven at 200° all night. I woke up Tuesday morning, and put the oven on 250°, until it hit 185°. It came out very tender and juicy. I separated the flat and point, and put the point back in the pan of juices, along with a 6-oz. can of apple juice, then into the oven on 300°, for 3 hours. I sliced up the flat for lunch. I will use most of the point for chili.
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Great looking brisket and ham!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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