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Christmas Brisket

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Merry Christmas everyone, I put on a 12lb. brisket at 4:30 this morning, hopefully it will be done in time for dinner. UDS's seem to cook quicker so I think I will be okay. Has been on 2 hours and the temp is holding around 220. This was my first UDS that I built, and I gave to a friend. I had to borrow it for this smoke. I made another one and I ended up selling that one for Christmas present. One of these days I will build one for myself.
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This is the other one I built. It came out pretty good for a $5.00 food grade drum, you can use the rods to hang ribs, and 1/2 chickens or use a grill for your other meats. After welded the stack on the lid it warped a little, so I added the angle iron frame to stiffen it up. It closes real good now.
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Nice little smoker there. Be sure to let us know how the brisket comes out!

Merry Christmas!
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The brisket was done in time for dinner, and everyone enjoyed it. I thought it came out pretty good for my first brisket. It especially made good Sammies the next day.
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Very nice looking brisket !!!
I am very interested in your drum style smokers; any hints fro us whom amy want to fabricate our own?
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Job well done. Looks great!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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There is a lot of welding in the style of UDS that I make, but you can make them with a little bit of welding or none at all. You can drill holes for the intake and exhaust then use electrical knockout plugs to regulate intake air. You can also use stainless steel bolts to hold the grill, plus use bolt on handles. Do a search for Ugly Drum Smokers or drum smokers and you will see what i mean. I have a mig welder plus I had the material to make this style UDS. I was able to make it pretty cheap. The barrel cost $5.00(food grade), temp gauge $14.00, expanded metal $15.00, paint $3.00, Tubing free(scrap), Angle iron free(old bed frames), round rod free(scrap from work). They all seem to work very well, whatever style UDS you make.
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WOW!!! Very nice job. One of the best UDS's that I've seen! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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First... brisket looks good! the smokers are pretty cool! hmmm... thoughts started....
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Nice UDS Rat, you only use 1 intake, looks about 2"?
That work's allright for ya...........great lookin brisket!!
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Great looking brisket and smokers! Thanks for the pictures.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Cowgirl, said exactly what I was going to . Good job ratdawg.
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Thanks everyone for the compliments, and Bbq Bubba you are right on, it is one 2" intake and a 3" exhaust. I keep the exhaust open and the the intake open qrt. to half way. Held temp like a champ while smoking the brisket.
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