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Smoking In Cold Weather..

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This For Thoes Of You Who Live In Cold Winter Climates.... Ya Under 20 Degrees..i Have A 3 Shelf Electric Smoker..lol Ya How Can I Smoke Meat With Tis Type..i Also Have A Gas Smoker....the Gas Was No Problem ..but The Electric Does Take Some Thinking..
So Hers What I Did..i Took The Top Grill And Compleatly Covered It In Foil.. Placed It Just Under The Vent,,..it Worked Like Magic.. Holds The Heat In ./.keeps The Smoke Near The Meat.. I Was Actualy Able To Smoke Meat At An Almost Low Temp On The Electric Dial..(smoke Hollow Smoker)..for The $50 I Paied For This..im Impressed With Its Ability..i Held A 250 To 300 Temp....for An Electric I Think Thats Great For 10 Degrees..outdoors..in A Wind Less Area......just A Thought For Thoes Who Atre Having Problems Keeping Temps And Smoke.mike
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Hmmm well done, Mike! Long as you get SOME movement thru the smoker to evac moisture and stale smoke, great mod!
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Great idea. I might have to try it sometime. If your not getting enough air movement you could always poke some holes in the foil. Just enough to get enough air movement. Just a thought don't know if it will work. But I think it should.

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