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Went to get a Smoke Vault and came home with C3P0

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I went looking for a new LP smoker and after readin the advice and reviews here I had settled on the smoke vault. It just so happened I scored some very useful (and just my size) Cabelas Gift cards. Cabelas had the 24" all powder coat Smoke Vault on sale for $249 and I almost shouted, but suddenly a stainless steel gleam blinded my view of the smoke vault. I turned and saw standing there all alone a beautiful all stainless 16"X16"x48" lp smoker tall and thin just like C3P0 although no gold hue I thought since we already have Vader and the Wookie here I just had to give it a home the internals all resemble the SV it is narrower but being all stainless gave it a big advantage. I looked it over carefully and the only complaint I can see is the door latches, but having a best friend that is a welder/fabricator that mod will come soon. Here is the kicker though, reg-$299 on sale $229, last one in stock and a display model additional 10% off drumroll please............$206 (applause track here) Let us all welcome the newest member of the club C3P0... (I get to bring him home on Wednesday)

The open door pic is the 36" model
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Allright Longshot..... Good to hear from ya again... congrats on the new smoker ... Wednesday, time to season and be ready for a New Year maiden smoke..

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.
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Congrats on the purchase.
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congratulations on your new buy ,cant wait to see some of your smoked meat come out of it.
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Man what a deal, Congrats on the new member of your family.
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sounds like a heck of a deal,congrats.
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"Elizabeth...there is a Santa Claus." Good deal man. Season that puppy and fire her up. Only two more days.
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Great deal on the smoker. I hope to see some good Que coming out of it.
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Nice Christmas toy!! look forward to the qview!
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Nice score! Woooo! I like the looks of that...simplicity in stainless.
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He's home

Well it took an extra day but I finally brought C3PO home, seasoned him, (which ironically gave the interior a nice golden hue) and the smoke rolling out overwhelmed me. Since he was all warmed up and that new smoker smell was all gone, (Hello my name is Longshot and I am adicted to smoking), I threw in two fatties. 29 degrees outside a balmy-smokey 225 degrees inside and a few hours later two fatties done start to finish in my new smoker. Sorry I goso enraptured in using my first-"real" smoker (I know the LJBC is a smoker but you just can't finish meat in it) I didn't get any qview but rest assured they were fantastic. I now have a 12# briskit and an 11# pork butt getting ready to smoke. The big day will be saturdayso stay tuned I'll do a step by step qview on it. In the mean time here are pics of C3PO nestled snugly into position on my deck.
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Congrats on the new cooker.

Good luck with the butt and brisket!!!
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Great looking smoker! Can't wait to see your qviews.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great catch! Looks and sounds like a real deal. Can't wait to see the pictures from Saturday.
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Longshot, you can't go wrong with a deal like that. And look at the way it shines!!! I WANT ONE!!!!
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