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BBQ Bubba........You did a fantastic job on that butt! Did Santa bring you the brisket knife? I must say that electric ECB can do the trick in zero degree weather when you have a shelter to get under. That's what I am using on my front porch deck when it is below freezing. Just two steps out the front door....check my meat....spritz... and back in the house to watch more football games.
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I think you've been a good boy! What little extra did Santa leave for you?

Ho,Ho, Ho!!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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All i can say is... WOW that looks good!!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Excellent job BBB. Nice play by play also. Thanks for the q-view.
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Nice butt there Bubba!
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Great smoke ... 7am here and already drooling ... Thanks for the Q-View ... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Bubba, Nice work. I will no doubt have to get a wind break or something going to do this thru the winter in MI.

I am down in Tulsa visiting relatives (bro and parents) and I decided to get my Dad an ECB so a butt could be done for Christmas Day. Outside temps were great last night in Tulsa.

I put it on last night at 7.30pm and it is now at 180 deg. (14 hrs) I foiled at 155-60 (plateau) after 11 hrs. It is a big being 9.67 lbs from the local Wally world. (cheaper than Canton, MI Meijer I might add)

Maybe I will get some pics at the end here. I think it will turn out ok.

Thanks SMF once again.
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I added some pics of the finished product. Here are a few details:
9.67 lbs
5 hrs of rub time
11 hrs to 160 to foil
17 hrs total time on the smoker to get it to 203 deg (simple thermo new from wally world)
kept juice, remove fat and re-added with Jeff's Finishing Sauce at end
1.5 hr in the cooler to rest
~ 1 amazed brother (he knows I was never actually a cook)

Thanks SMF once again.
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Priceless! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I just got one at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 22$ (with one of 20% off coupons from my wife). It is a wired unit. Works great.

I plan to go for an ET-73 probably shortly.
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Got another from Santa, love these unit's!!wink.gif
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do they make wireless ones, and how are they compaired to a Mav-73?
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Haven't seen a wireless unit but personally i like this WAY better than my Mav.
BB&B has em for $19.00.
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Thanks Bubba, maerry christmas to ya bro!icon_smile.gif
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