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Smokeless In South Dakota

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Hi All,

This is Joe from SD, and I'm glad I found this site. I bought a gas smoker from Walmart (Merry Christmas to me!)

I home cured a Taso ham I plan to smoke tomorrow, and I was wondering if it would be OK to smoke the ham in a aluminum pan, or would it be better to smoke it on the rack? I'm trying to save some clean-up without sacrificing any flavor.



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Hey Joe:

Welcome to the forum, we are glad to have you with us. Feel free to look around and soak up all the collective knowledge of the wonderful people here.
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Welcome to SMF!

I don't see it hurt'n by putt'n it in an alum pan. Save some time to spend w/family.

It'll be just fine. Good luck and Merry Christmas. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome joe. You can also put the pan on the next shelf down to catch the drippings and it will help on cleanup time!!!!!!!
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Hello South Dakota..

I Agree Put A Drip Pan Down Belowlet Your Smoke The Bottom As Well Lol..i Have A Daughter Who Lives In Hosmer Sd And A Daughter Who Goes To Collage In Aberdeen.. Where Are You From ..mike
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Welcome to the Forum! I agree with placing the drip pan on the next shelf down. I think you would get better smoke penetration over the entire meat. Also, don't forget to check out Jeff's five day smoking course. It's free and has some really good info in it.
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welcome,yup put that drip pan under& ham on the grate-maybe some apple juice-water in the pan-good luck
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Same smoker I bought about three years ago. Have smoked alot of good eats with it. Don't trust the temp reading on the door. Buy a themometer and away you go. GOOD LUCK
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Welcome to the forum Joe!smile.gif
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Welcome to SMF from your neighbor to the north !!!
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welcome to SMF Joe .
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Welcome to the site Joe. And have a merry christmas and happy new years. Glad to see more people from up in the Dakotas.
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Welcome to the SMF! Hope you enjoy the forum....lot of good people here.
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Welcome to SMF JBo. You're gonna love it here. Take your choice on the pan. Personally I'd put it on the next rack down if you don't have something else in the smoker. If you have any other questions be sure to ask.
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Welcome to SMF JBo!!!
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Welcome to SMF, Joe! Glad you joined us!

What part of SD are ya from?
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Welcome to the SMF! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks for the great welcome!

I am from Sioux Falls. I decided to smoke it right in the pan. This was my first time using the smoker, but I do consider myself a pretty decent cook. I choose a gas smoker so it would be easier to control the temp. When I seasoned the smoker I wasn't happy with the size of the wood chip box, which was too small, and burned the chips too fast. I will be replacing that with something cast iron for the next go-round.

I found a recipe for Tasso ham on the IT, which consisted of a brine with curing salt, onion and garlic power, and cayenne pepper. I used a pork shoulder I found at Walmart marked down to 79 cents a pound. I injected some brine around the bone to insure hamminess, and brined it for a week. It came out of the brine looking like this. I also had a store bought ham to serve in case this experiment on my family didn't turn out. Besides, I have a huge family, today 28 of them showed up. This ham was intended for the second feeding at 5 PM.

I had a bit more trouble controllling the heat than I would have liked, but after adjusting for the "breeze" I managed to keep the temp at at around 225. I decided to soak my wood chips to compensate for the cheesy chip box, which didn't help enough so I wrapped the chips in foil before putting them in the box. Since I was worried about the smokiness fron cooking directly in the pan, I supplemented with extra "smoke bombs" to make sure one could tell it was smoked. I have white wine in the water tray.

I smoked it for 11 hours to reach an internal temp of 155, I feel it would have quicker if I had went directly on the rack with a catch pan below, that's the way I will go next time.
The final product? Well, It turned out pretty darned good. It had plenty of smoky flavor, with a hint of spiciness. Not too salty. It was very juicy and everyone said it rocked.

Thanks again for the very warm welcome and the great suggestions, and feel free to drop by if your in the nieghborhood.

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