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what a day

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well got the s-n-p all fired up, windy as all heck here had to move the ecb to the shed. got 3 pork loins and a sirloin tip roast on. wanted a brisket too but they was all out.

i marinaded the loins in stubbs and the beef in jim beam gourmet marinade then put on jeffs rub with some extras..i got some hungarian sweet and some hungarian hot in the hot mix i added some old bay..yum yum i can't wait for it to be done..the TBS is birch and i will spray it with sweet apple cider..hope everyone has a Safe and Merry Christmas
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Keep it comin bro!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sound like the start of a great meal!
I have been too busy lately, out of town for the holidays, so hopefuly i can get the smoke rollin again after the 1st of the year.

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Looking good! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking Good. Making me wish I had the time to smoke something. I will be driving to Parents today about 2 hours away and wont be back till late. Oncall for work tommorow. So I have to wait till next weekend.
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loin,loin,loin,beef roast

here they are at almost 4 hours.. temp at 150. almost done i can't wait i'm starvin' here.. been spraying them with apple cider and as soon as they hit 165 i'll pull them and put them in the cooler for a while till the rest of supper is ready.....
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Scum that is looking wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!
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Excuse me....well they turned out great 2 of them must have been shoulder ends so i ended up pulling those and sliced the big loin and me and the mutt wolfed down the sirloin roast. so here's the final qview now it's nap time...(gotta get ready for santa)
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looks good & boy does my dogs ears pop up when I get the smoker going,he knows he gonna get a taste or 2-3-4
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