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You know you have a smoking problem when:

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Your cubord is filled with a never ending supply of hd aluminum foil, plastic wrap and zip bags in every size know to man.

You have a food saver, again with rolls and rolls of bags of every size.

You have 10-15 bags of wood chips, just for backup.

You buy aluminum pans in bulk.

Ok, thats all I could come up with this early inthe morning. What else am I missing??
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You hang your close out to dry(or just because) by the smoker so when you put them on you can smell the smoke allllllllll day long!

Your skin tastes like smoke/worchst sauce/bbq sauce/rub.

You get excited to see pics of Boston Butts and not beach butts.

You fart hickory/mesquite/pecan/apple smoke!

Not that this happens to me. icon_rolleyes.gificon_redface.gif
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You look at a tree in your yard, and think about pruning it because it would make good smoking wood!

(LOL - I've done this!)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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When you get up at 6:00 and start your smoker and it is 30 degrees outside and frost on the ground.
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you look at your neighbors cherry and apple tree.... thinking i could get a couple peices of that around midnight... before i shut the smoker down....
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Dang, Fritz. You just described me exactly! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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...when you have a 25 pound bag of paprika, just for making rubs.
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When you see a steel tank, while riding down the road, and say to yourself, "I wonder if that would make a good smoker?" Or, you see a 300 gallon water tank and can't deicide whether to make it a vertical or horizontal rotisserie.

This happens to me everyday, looking beside the road for hickory trees and limbs. I have to re-learn how to drive, because I can't keep my eyes on the road.
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UHHH, AL, I think i will leave that one alone
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When you find a sale on charcoal...........and buy 600 lbs.!!!
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When you start looking for decent road kill just for the practice. Heh!
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You watch the sale flyers for meat prices.
You always want just one more smoker.
When anyone talks about food, you say"I could smoke that".icon_mrgreen.gif
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You know you have a smoking problem when.....

You smoke a fattie to cure the munchies!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Isin't that what started the munchie's in the first place???PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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When the wife says "Do you have to smoke everything?"
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"No Hunny, can't imagine the margaritas being better smoked."
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You gladly host your in-laws for every holiday-birthday-weekday as a wife-proof justification to do more smoking....
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good thread LOL! The sale on charcoal, and the 25 lb bag of paprika, now thats me right there.
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These are funny, but probably true. Mine would be looking out the back door in a snow storm and saying to my wife, "I think it's about to stop".
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