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First Turkey Breast

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Being a confirmed lover of smoked turkey I have elected to make my first effort with the GOSM LP unit a turkey breast. I have read till my eyes blurred. I have a digital thrmometer and am trying to decide what type of wood would be best. I have some oak and mesquite available. The breast weighs 6.9 lbs and I have downloaded rubs and plan on brining the bird breast. Any last minute tips or words of wisdom before I throw this thing on the smoker on Christmas day. BTW I have promised the lady of the house savory meat so I have to deliver!
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I use apple and cherry or apple and pecan for turkey as they produce a milder smoke. I would use the oak rather then the mesquite for the first time as mesquite can be overpowering if you don't like a heavy smoke taste.

If you want a crispy skin I'd go with a higher temp like 300-325 as the lower low and slow temps of 225-250 will result in a rubbery skin.

Good luck with it.
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I too love smoked turkey. A couple of thoughts. Regarding crispy skin, there's another step you might consider. Brine the breast tonight and let it air dry in the refrigerator for 24 hrs. That will produce (along with the higher temps) craklin' skin.

Second, be careful you don't brine too long. I've seen posts here that have made the statement "No such thing as brining too long" That's not true.

Lastly, you may want to cover the thinner end of the breast with foil. I ususally put it on at about 145 degrees and place it on top like a ball cap, leaving the underneath exposed for the smoke.

Good luck and would love to the Q views.
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I believe DeeJayDebi's brine to be the one I would use.It has less salt and I have found that chicken can be too salty if brined in one cup of Kosher salt per gallon of water. I have had much luck with turkey breasts, but I keep trying.
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The oak has been chunked, the breast is in the brine. It all goes on the smoker tommorrow morning.
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Should be a good dinner, AND a Merry Christmas! enjoy!
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Hope that bird goes well today... let us know! Merry Christmas!
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Update with Q view

This is the official first time update

The wood ready to go

The Turkey Breast ready

The proper temp acheived

The thin blue smoke

The finished product

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SOOO?!?!? How WAS IT?? ARRGGHHH! ;{)
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A picture is worth 1000 words, and it was that good.
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Cool! Congrats, and POINTS!
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