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Turkey Smoking Question

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My wife decided to be nice and buy the Christmas turkey last night, saving me a trip today. I was planning to buy a 12 lb turkey to smoke. Having never smoked a turkey, I'm reading everythng I can find on doing it right. The problem is the nice lady bought a 16.75 lb bird. What I have read is do not go over 14 lbs to keep things safe to eat. Anyone have experience with smoking a big bird or should I get another one for Christmas dinner and figure out something to do with the big one i have now?

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Ken; Being that it is your first attempt and the limits are being strectched go for a 10 - 12 pounder....Don't know what smoker you have either.

I would not put one that large in mineicon_rolleyes.gif
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Marvin provides some good advice. That's a large bird for the smoker especially if you plan to cook it low and slow (225-250). I'd try a smaller bird and if you want crispy skin raise the temp to 300.
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I bought a 7 lb. breast to start out with. I have never smoked a turkey either, I have always deep fried them. I think I will start out small for my first one. Don't want to screw it up the first time out.
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in november i did 2 18 pound turkeys i brined both birds and smoked them both at 300-350 they turned out great i used hi mtn poultry brine that stuff is awesome i will be doing a 12 pound turkey for christmas dinner using the same brine i am also going to do 2 10 pound store bought hams i have two full days of smoking to do yet good luck
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