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Hang on to your hats!!!

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Boy its windy today, had some gusts over 50 mph at first light. Glad I got the stinky shack, cuz the ribbs I rubbed up last night woulda never got into that charbroil silver smoker on a windy day like today. Kinda hard to get a pic of the TBS, but its there. Doing 2 racks of beef spareribs, and 2 racks of BB pork ribs. All were rubbed with Jeff's naked rib rub, except I changed part of the recipe to turbinado sugar instead of what his recipe called for. Smoker is holding well at 215-225, and I am using chunks of wood that I threw out in the wet snow a couple days ago to get wet. They are pieces that I cut from apple and cherry trees. They are working well.
I cut the big beef ribs into 2-3 bone sections, and then laid them in the rib rack with the bones running horizontally, the bones were too long to stand up the regular way. I have 4 sections in the rack with the remaining 2/3 of a rack, laying on top like a roof. They have been on for 2 hrs now and look great. The bb ribs are in a roll with a skewer again,I really like the way they turned out last week.I will gets some pics of the smoke and the finished product before they dissapear for dinner.icon_wink.gif
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Best of luck with the smoke. Hold down your hat and get some q-view!!!!!!
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Sounds like ya got some weather headed your way. Ya might need to run a mooring line betwixt the back door and the stinky shack, then tie a rope around your waist with a carbiner on the end to clip yourself to the mooring line. Wind might blow ya around but won't blow ya away.

Looking forward to the q-vue!
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Mmmm, that sure sounds good .....(accept for the wind part).
Good luck with the smoke today!smile.gif
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Here is a pic at the 3 hr mark

I have gone from the spud holder to the chunk-o-wood for my probe. I foiled the bb's after the pick, and the beefies a half hour later.

And here is the final pick just before dinner with baked potatoes corn and bisquits(out of pic).

After they came off the smoker, I let them rest for about 20 min. The bb's started to rip in the pic, seems like they like to stay curled up!icon_rolleyes.gif .

The beef ribs were not as tender, but had more meaty taste than the pork. Both were devoured pretty quickly. We ate about half of the whole batch between 4 of us. There was only about half of the beef ribs in the pic. The others were still in the foil till dinner was over. I just peeled em off the bones, and stored the rest in the fridge. Happy with the experiment, but I would probably not buy these beef ribs again, just too much bone to meat ratio, but for .99 a lb, not too big of a deal.

Thanks to the folks who piped in with feedback on the beef ribs.
Jeffs rub was great, I am glad I made a double batch.biggrin.gif
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You COULD have saved the bones and tossed em into a stockpot...getting another meal out of 'em :{)

Nice job tho... yum!
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Lookin' Good......
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They look really good!!
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NICE RIBS... I need to smoke something sooooonnnnnnn.
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Dang brother, i expect an invite next time, that looks fantastic!!!PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Nice looking Q.
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