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Been awhile since I checked in

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biggrin.gifHey how's everyone doing? Hope your all great and smoking up a storm. I am in the process of smoking one of 4 turkeys this weekend for Christmas giftsicon_eek.gif it sure smells good. Did one a week ago and sent to my sister in Calif. report back was a thumbs up PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif so I must have learned something from all who gave me tips. Thanks again. I will do one more tonight so it will be a long evening but it's fun and rather excitingicon_lol.gif .I do have one questions for anyone who is listening, what amount of sugar is best so your turkey won't taste like a ham? I have been doing 3/4 cup Kosher salt to 1/2 cup white sugar to a gal. of water plus my seasonings. Is this good or bad. I haven't gotten to taste anything so I just was curious.Well got to run and check the bird, should be about ready to pull and rest and time to get the next on on the grillicon_biggrin.gif Kmadson
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Welcome back! smile.gif
I know everyone uses a different amount.......I use 1/4 kosher salt and 1/2 cup sugar to 8 cups of water. Then I like to add spices.
I brine overnight.

Take pictures for us if you get the
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Heh..well, take some time to smell the roses...or taste the turkey!

Merry Christmas, K!
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LOL, I might just have to sneak a little of that bird where they won't notice and check it out, as it sure does smell good :o) You have a Wonderful Christmas to Richtee :o)
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I brined the one I sent to my sister for about 7 1/2 hours in 2 1/2 gal. about 11 lb. turkey then drained it and dried it put in some dry rub in cavity and added garlic virgin olive oil to remaining dry rub and put under skin and all over outer skin put in fridge over night then put it in grill with apple and hickory chips soaked in fresh apple juice then basted with olive oil and seasonings a few times during cooking time. Doing pretty much the same with these 4 turkeys except they have cured in fridge for 24 hours. Hope your Christmas is a good one to Cowgirl :o)
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LOL was broken into first of year and they were so kind to take my camera among other things and haven't gotten another to replace it so there won't be any pictures of my projects for awhile but it's pretty LOL
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Kmadson, I brine according to Cooks Illustrated's measurements and have had great luck. 1/2 cp each of sugar and kosher salt, brining to a max of 12-14hrs.
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Thanks for your input on the amounts you use. Been reading a couple of things on some web sites and I am thinking my problem that would cause it to taste like ham will be I am adding Mortons Tenderquick for a safety measure and perhaps I shouldn't worry about using it. My temp. is generally about 250* to 275* and it is taking right at 4 to 5 hours to finish a 12 lb. turkey.
What does everyone think about the use of the Tenderquick when doing a turkey etc.? Is it just necessary when temp is below 200 degree's? As always any and all thoughts will be appreciated :o) Kmadson
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I smoke turkeys all the time and never use tenderquick. That is use more as a cure for pastramis, ham etc then as a brine.
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darn it and here I thought I was doing a good thing :o( well live and learn, never to old to learn LOL Thanks Ron Have a good one
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