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checking in

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Iam new to this fourm and just looking around here and getting to know the lay out of this form . I hope I can dring as much to this forum as I get out of it. Abit about me iam in north east missouri and have been smoking for about 10 years and have built my own smoker a reverse flow indirect heat iam a kcbs judge and do about 5 or 6 comps each year
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Welcome aboard the SMF. You'll fit right in, lots of friendly folks of all levels here. Everyone is willing to share their experiences. Sounds like you'll bring alot to the table!
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welcome dude..........you will learn bunches............
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Just by the look of my spelling there I look pretty bad , iam sorry about that iam comming down had to see the doc today put me on some pain meds for a bad tooth . I was on cloud nine for a bit there . I look forword to helping out any way I can
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Welcome fellow smoker!
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Welcome aboard!!
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Glad to have you here at SMF. Look forward to hearing from you.
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Welcome to the SMF! This is great place for Smokers.....
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Welcome to SMF!
Glad to have you aboard!
Lots of good folks around here.
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome. Good to have you. Don't worry about the spelling. Some of us spell like that, even without the meds. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Enjoy yourself and get feeling better.

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Welcome to the forum. My posts take 3 times as long to post becuase I have to correct all my spelling too. No worries. As long as you can spell TBS you are golden here.
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What type of smokers are around here ie gas , charcoal, pellet , mine is all hard wood i can use gas it has a 150 thousand btu back up but will only use if all else fails or maybe on a all nite hog cook I will set the gas so as to catch some sleep if the meat temp is over 140 so it will not need anymore smoke .
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Chuck, nice to have you join us. You'll find just about every kind of smoker here from home-built to store bought; electrics to wood burners. The only thing that we don't have that I know of is a solar smoker, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if someone wasn't trying to get a handle on that one!icon_mrgreen.gif

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Hmm, good idea Dutch. :)

Welcome to the forum Chuckthemillerman! There are several wood burners here (including me).
Looking forward to your Qviews!smile.gif
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this is a couple of pics of my smoker it is a homemade that I built about two years ago lets see if this will work I think it did work
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Welcome to the SMF
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Hmmmm...That sounds like a job for Geek....

Solar powered smoker...... of course it would have to have that cool software operated temp control....
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Nice lookin' home built you got there!
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