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smoked meatloaf ?

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I read Jeff's meatloaf recipe and expect to try it soon,
However, What type of wood is recommended for the smoke?
Jeff didn't include in his recipe what he used nor gave a suggestion

What would the recommendations be for this, and would it change if other ingredients/spices were substituted maybe indicating different wood should used to blend in with spices mixture used?

Thanks for the Advice

Happy Holidays !!!

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My personal favorites for just about everything apple and/or cherry, which are both readily available to me. For a heavier smoke flavor when I do beef, I mix in a little hickory. Maple is also good. There are several orchards nearby and hickory and maple trees grow in my backyard, so that's what I use most of the time.

Any fruit or nut bearing wood is safe to use as long as it is well seasoned (dry). Stay away from wood from conifers like pine or other evergreens.

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Agree with Brian on apple and cherry, and like he says a little hickory mixed in if you like a littlle smokier flavor.
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I've used apple, cherry, pecan, hickory and a mixture of several of these.

I think my favorite combination was 2/3 apple and 1/3 hickory.
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Meowey has a wonderful thread around here somewhere on smoked meatloaf. Check it out sometime!
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