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Welcome to SMF...now move to Michigan and enjoy a GOOD hockey team ;{)
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Glad to have a neighbor who can do brisket that looks like that. Welcome aboard from Littleton. I do have a question you might can answer. On the bad air quality days, when they tell you no fires in the fireplaces, does that include us meat smokers as well? I've not paid too much attention to it, but I'd hate to get into it with the code enforcement types around here.

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They play hockey up there? I thought hockey was becoming a sun-belt sport seeing where all the cups have been won lately.
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I'm actually in Littleton as well and have lived in Colorado most of my life. As to your question, it's certainly an interstiong one. Personally, I would think you're OK since you aren't having a fire in your fireplace and you're making dinner at the same time. Can't see how you'd be a t fault for that.
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Here's the general gist of my peppers, these are Kung Pao's. Flash can give a second hand opinion on how they taste as I sent him some this summer.

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Eh, an aberration. It will never be a sport appreciated by locals there until they grow up strapping on skates as kids and shoveling off a pond for a game of shinny. The arenas there are filled with snowbirds.
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Welcome the SMF from a neighbour in the "Great White North" (Canada)
Looks like doing good with your smokes and hot peppers!
Mmmmmmmmm hot peppers!!
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