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Rubs, Rubs and More Rubs

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Came across this the other day, not sure if it has been posted here or not, if so my apologies for the repeat, but OMG 895 recipes !!!!
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Have not seen that site before but have many of those recipe's.....
Thank's for the link!!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Cool , thanks for sharing
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Wow! Thanks for the link Dionysus!
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Thanks for the info. Im my opinion you can never have too much beer, too many good friends or too many rubs!
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I like the way you think. icon_lol.gif
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Oh boy I have alot of reading to do thanks sooo much dionysus!
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good link........i have been using astray for bout a year now.........found it when i was researching clone recipes
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