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Curious - newbies, what thread/post hooked you?

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What was the moment you decided..."OK...this place is for me!" Mine was the SmokieOkie Method- brisket searing.

For the Umteenth time... Thanks Okie!

Let us know!
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mine was the rib 3-2-1 method and reading posts people were just so helpful and nice
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Yep, Same for me. PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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I was hooked when i saw all of the beautiful Q-View and started thinking that i could do it too.
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Searching the web for cold smokehouse designs......I found this link.

I started reading the forum and got hooked on all of the great folks and the great info.
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For me it was the Q Views, and how they got the meat to that state of being tongue waggin'.
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Hmm I see a pattern developing here ;{)
"Don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows!"
Dylan, "Subterranean Homesick Blues"
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Pure poetry, Rich!
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Rich, I like to click on a user's profile, then see what threads they have started.......there's a never ending supply of good old topics to check out.biggrin.gif
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For me it was how nice and polite every one is, especially to the new smokers like I was that had no real experience smoking. I have left other boards, woodworking not smoking, that had some real rude people, especially to the new guys that did not know to much
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And I have heard the "nice and polite" thing alot too. Does my heart good to hear that, cause I know alot of folks try to be. Sometimes I do too. Well, sometimes i'm a #^$^*# but well, it's the human condition.

It's good to feel like if ya get into trouble...well, smoking/foodwise... someone here's got yer back. And Lord knows...look at me this AM!
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I bought my smoker and decided to google how to's and recipies. Several came back to this forum, so I checked it out. After reading about ribs and pulled pork and the "normal stuff" I started seeing posts about ABT's, Fatty's and even smoked meatloaf, so I tried them all. After my first post and the great help I received I was (and am) hooked.
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I'm not really a newb anymore, butt...

...what brought me here was not just a single post, but the wealth of knowledge that the folks had to offer. Everyone seemed to be happy to share, willing to help me out of a stupid mistake, and not be slammed because I didn't know better.

I have learned a ton here. I am very thankful for that and hope to continue to learn. It's pretty amazing that people you don't know have the kindness to make you look like a hero in your friends and family's eyes, and don't expect anything in return except a picture of your efforts.

There are a bunch of members I have to thank, that have offered me wonderful advice and I have become good friends with. Some are still here, some have moved on...

You know who you are... icon_sad.gificon_wink.gif
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Dumb luck... did a search for some sort of "Q" and found this, still not sure how to navigate a forum but seems like a lot of nice folks here!!
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I had seen an ad about the 5 day ECourse and ordered it and really enjoyed it. Then saw references to this forum and did some lurking. When I saw how friendly everyone was and how willing to help us newbies I was hooked.
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All I was looking for was a different way to smoke meat and clicked on SMF and waalaa I got the best site and GREAT PEOPLE and Fantastic advice and Ideasicon_smile.gificon_smile.gificon_smile.gif
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It was a combination of things for me. I had lurked for a couple of months and read all the posts. I was impressed mostly by the prompt answers to the questions asked no matter how minor or major they were.

I also like the fact that everyone on here is so friendly to even the newbies and are so willing to share your knowledge.

And then of course, the Q-views and the recipes. I think that was what hooked me in the end.

I thank all that has helped me in the past and hope what little I have contributed has helped others...
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Before coming here, I stumbled upon a food channel show with Chris as the host (Big Bob Gibson's BBQ in AL) and got to thinking I should try it since I love pulled pork.

So, I googled and came to this site. I decided to go inexpensive with the ECB and electric since I was looking for convenience to start with.

I registered when I saw the SMF was full of nice people willing to bend over backwards to help folks. I really just wanted to thank folks for their knowledge which has helped me produce some nice tasting Q. I hope to get better and expand my capabilities as time allows.
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For me it was the help and answers I recieved in regards to doing my first large smoke for a big gathering of more than 60 people, and of course the q-view wasn't bad either.
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It's like Hawg says,and Richtee it's people like you,RIP,cowgirl,big arm,debi,cajun-1,smokey,emtee-sheesh it's all of u people-sure you grin when a rookie asks a silly question,but your right there to give a helping hand.and that makes you & all the rest stand out to make this 1 heck of a wonderful site,I have learned alot here & hope I shared a little myself.makes me grin somtimes on how articulate u are too.
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