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Masterbuilt smoker

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To anyone interested in a Master Built smoker. Sams club has discontinued this item and is selling out stock. I got the stainless model for $145. The price varies from store to store if they have them in stock. I went to their website and got all the store phone numbers in my area. This was the cheepest. Not a bad deal.

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Great deal, thank's Ron.........Merry x-mas to me!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Some guys have all the luck.. I checked every store within 50 miles from me in So. Cal., and only 2 stores had them, for $299.00. Enjoy that bargain my friend, and best of Wishes for the Holidays!
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are you talking about the electric or propane one?
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masterbuilt smoker

MikeMan - It is the larger electric model. It was the one that most guys recommended on the forums.
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that is a great price, I paid 199 for my black one at cabelas last year
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