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Of course we are interested. Now get to posting! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I LOVE Frank's .... It has great taste and some heat.
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Hard to choose a favorite. I like Virginia Gentleman Chipotle, Tabasco Chipotle, Franks, El Yucateco Chile Habenero green, and am always trying different ones whenever possible.PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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Mike, won't let me post, says file is too large. I have been emailing it to anyone who PMs me with their email address
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I've not seen this one, but I use the one below all the time. GREAT with smoked fish, such as blues or spanish. Squirt some on a Ritz Cracker then add a slice of fish. Excellent. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

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Hot Sauce

i am a die hard tabasco man (carry some in the truck for those establishments that don't offer it). put it on almost eveything there is..and i also love the Dave's insanity sauce for those nights that my buddies say they love their wings hot
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Had it. Hate it. TOO damm hot and no point. I don't need JUST heat. I can get that by tossing in a hab, alot cheaper.
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I just picked up a bottle of "HOT SAUCE" "Salsa Picante de CHILE HABANERO" which is out of Mexico I think... elyucateco.com . Haven't cooked with it yet but the finger test said it was hot but with good flavor.......then again I like hot though.
Iso - we just moved to Hawaii, not far from the Kam highway, windward Oahu - any other details of this shop you speak of?
Louisiana Hot Sauce and good ole Tobasco are the go to guys for us usually.
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Yanno, I had not thought about it, but the sauce recipes inspired me <Thanks Dionysus!> to maybe make some from the new batch of the Smitty's 6-15 when it comes in...Hmmm...
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Once upon a time before I knew what Daves Insanity Sauce was I got a bottle and without tasting it proceeded to douse my mac n cheese with it like I would with tobasco.
First bite I knew I was in trouble. Second bite I was wondering why the sky was turning colors. Well by the time I finished the world was upside down and I was feeling real funny.
I should have stopped at the first bite but i was tired and didn't want to make another pot of mac n cheese so I suffered through it.
Like many here I don't care for a chile sauce if it has lost flavor in its quest for heat. Pointless in my mind.
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I never go anywhere without my Cholula. Keep one in my RV as well as my house... I'm not a big fan of regular Tabasco but I haven't tried the Chipotle flavor yet...
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icon_mrgreen.gif As I stated early, Dave needs to be taken out back somewhere and shot.
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LOL, we keep one in the truck also. Just in case our road trip stops to mexican restaurants does not have any.
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Another excellent tabasco is the garlic flavor....I've never seen it in the stores, but they have it at their website.

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Ok Lets Talk

This Thread Is Adding Heat..you Can Add Alot Of The Things Mentioned Here..allwith Good Results. But Keep In Mind Alot Of These Additives Change The Flavor Of Your Home Made Sauces Or You Comercial Sauces.. My Point Being Under Professional Hands This Sauce Works ..no Added Flavors To Your Sauce Just Heat..sweet Sauce Is Still Sweet ..just Make Sure You Dont Over Do It..if You Dont Trust Your Self..well This Sauce Isnt For You..i Think Shooting It Has Been Mentioned..
Who The Heck Added It To Mac And Cheese ..man..dont Disrespect It If You Put It On Straight...ouch..feel For Ya..but Wow..next Case..
This Is An Open Forum....this Works..you Make Your Own Sauce.. Like How The Flavors Taste..just Need A Bit More Heat..here Ya Go..
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The one time I tried insanity, it was straight up. I'm not really sure about the not having taste thing, because my taste buds instantly disintegrated.
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Ya Burned Out

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Calm down, no reason to yell. I understand what you are saying. I guess most people tend to add sauce for flavor and a smattering of heat. Dave's is not something you can do that with. Is it the hottest sauce, not by far. There are far worst, whose only point is scoville units and have nothing to do with taste. As with Scorned Woman, you do not just throw it on Chicken wings, well unless you have a death wish PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif But added in small amounts to chili or stews, its not bad.
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Hey Flash, I finally showed up, LOL....

Anyway, I make a lot of my sauces and experiment. One I just ran across lately in a grilling recipe is made up of Tequilla, lime juice, orange juice, jalapenos, etc. It is really more of a marinade that is reduced with heat.

It is so good I am palying around with it to try a make it more into a sauce. I'm going to try it as both when we do a low and slow pulled brisket on Christmas to go along with the rest of the meal.
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As an aside, I don't think he's yelling...I think its easier to read ;{)
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