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Searchng for a Plum

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Old Sneaky here: I a 1st time user of this forum so I don't know if/when this topic was expolred. Recetly I'd read several articles about smoking with Plum wood and as I've tried several other varieties of woods I'd decided to give the Plum a shot. I plan to to try it on some pork loin back ribs and boston butts. I'm using a "Cookshack mod055" I've tried quite a few web sites and called about 10 posibiliies to no avail. SO--here is the big question---Where can I buy about 5 lbs+/-of plum wood???? With the Cookshack smoker I could use chunks, wheels or logs that I'll cut to size. THANX--SNEAKY
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Plum seems to be a difficult wood to buy. I tried looking on several of the wood suppliers I've used and none of them have plum. Maybe someone else knows of a source?

If you can't find any plum, apple is very good with pork.

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