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Yes Put Lids On TheM. They Do Usually Seal On TheIr Own But I Always Keep TheM In The Fridge.

Sorry my stupid phone types all crazy when I'm on the forums. I usually put them into left over and cleaned wide mouth syle Pasta jars but you can use canning jars as well. They do usually end up forming a seal but personally I wouldn't dare leave them out a room temp since they haven't been processed in a canner or pressure cooker.

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Originally Posted by Peculiarmike View Post

Uff Da dudes. That stuff is for fertilizing your tomato plants next spring.
And doing that to walleye is a grave sin. Northern yeah, yellow perch yeah, walleye - NO.
I may have to report you to the wally patrol. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

I agree, sad to do that to such a great tasting fish ! 


I am curious  to know how the walley turned out pickled, I have never restored to those extremes before.


I make pickled pike year round as long as the water is cold enough from where I caught them.


I also fine grind my pickling spice before I add it to the mix. I think it help with overall flavor sooner and you don't have to mess around with the small pieces of allspice stuck to your fish chunks while eating them.


This is the only way I like to  eat Pike !  The fish has to be fresh, I have tried frozen and it wasn't worth the time that went into making it!  Hope that info helps?    

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