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Canadian bacon

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I put a loin into cure this weekend for some Canadian bacon.This is one Ive never done before,I hope it turns out good.Anyone got any ideas on the smoking process Id love to hear about it.
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hey dots -I put 9.5# in cure today-cut in thirds-gonna be a x-mas smoke-I gonna follow jim with his molasses trick-as far as heat I gonna do without smoke first 3 hrs@125-130-than a smoke for 3 hrs at 140-or so-finish at 155 till done-good luck
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well.....i know cowgirl posted sum YUMMY pics of hers here a week or so ago...........

she would be the one to ask
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This last batch I made, I brined half and dry cured the other half.
I hot smoked so it would be cooked through.


If you want to you can cold smoke it below 100 just to add the smoke flavor and not cook it.
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which method did/do you like best curlygirl?

wet or dry?
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Deud, I liked both. The dry method is the old stand by...it turns out every time. I like to experiment with the brine cures.....I liked the extra garlic and pepper on this batch.biggrin.gif
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I have always used the dry method and it always turns out great
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