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Test run for Christmas Party

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We are having our Christmas party at work on Thursday and I wanted to try a couple thing out that I had not tried before. So Yesterday I went to work. Started about 10am with the bb ribs. There was a light rain at this time. At about 1pm I put on a fatty stuffed with oinions, peppers, olives, mushrooms, mozzarella and pizza sauce. I also put on Dutch's baked beans (1st time trying these) and some scalloped potatoes.
At this time in the day winds were starting to pickup. By the time everything was finished winds had reached 46mph gust. Everything turned out great. Oh and with the fatty I took it off when it reached 160* brought it in, and wrapped it in croissant dough and then placed in oven to finish. Croissant cracked open a little but it was still good. So here's the q-view.
The Fatty

The bb ribs with some sweet baby rays on them.

Baked beans

And the scalloped potatoes. Which were GREAT!

For the party I will be doing a chicken instead of the ribs but everything else is going to the party.
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Wow. icon_eek.gif Excellent work. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Dangit! hungry again.
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HHHMMM, Thursday? What's the address, I can be in Richmond in no time!

That looks like you'll be the HIT of the party. Put your smoker under the mistletoe and you'll really make out - no pun intended! I will have to try that cressant roll idea on the next fatty I do.

Keep us posted on how it all plays out. Should be a lot less wind Wednesday & Thursday, good luck.
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Thanks Fish,
Yeah not supposed to be anywhere near as bad with the wind. I am sure you felt some of that wind to.
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