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New to the smoking world

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I have smoked salmon for many years starting while station in Alaska, using Brinkman smokers. After retiring the second time in 1992 and moving to Maine in 1994 I found a new hobby in making my own sausage and trying new adventures in the world of smoking My son is also a member of the Smoking Forum and he recently gave me a Bradley Smoker. It is perfect for my meeds and now being a member of the forum I am looking forward to advance my knowledge on smoking meats. etc I also like smoking wild game and birds the forum should be a great help in providing information on the subject.
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welcome.......and glad you figured it out............
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Buddyboy welcome to smf and keep coming back!!!!!!!!!!!Tons of great info here!!!!!
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Welcome aboard buddyboy, glad you joined us! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to SMF !!!
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Welcome home!
The only place you'll need to go for smoking info.
And a few other things.
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Hello there, and welcome to the SMF. We have plenty of friendly folks who can help you out with most any question, just ask. How about some pics of the new smoker? Q View?
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Welcome to SMF!
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Glad to have you join us!
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Welcome to the forum Buddyboy!
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Hey Buddyboy, welcome to SMF. You already made me smile. About 110 years ago when I was a kid, I would do some thing I shouldn't and mom would look at me and say, "Ok buddyboy" and I knew I was in DEEP doo doo. icon_sad.gif
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welcome to smf buddyboy.
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DARN YOU TERRY...........

d88de reaches for the windex AGAIN
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AHA!! I'm not the only one who has walked many miles in DEEP doo doo. huh WD? smile.gifrolleyes.giftongue.gif
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hey Terry.......welcome to MY world.........lol
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Welcome to SMF, buddyboy! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your smoking experiences. Make yourself at home and have a look around.
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Welcome in, buddyboy!
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome Buddyboy, Excellent people and terrific advice comes from SMF
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Welcome to SMF! This is THE place to be.
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