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Had some thighs that I thawed out and had to be cooked or thrown out. Planned on doing a "contest practice" cook, but didn't have the gumption, so I just marinaded in Italian dressing for about 3 hours, sprinkled with some rub, cooked at about 275 (I am guessing, didn't pay too close attention) on a charcoal grill with the coals pushed off to the side, sauced when the internal temp hit about 150 and pulled them off at around 170-175 or so. The camera was sitting on the counter by the kitchen so why not take some pics.

Don't believe they were pretty enough for a contest, but they sure tasted just fine.

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Its almost lunch time! Thank goodness cause that just made me hungrier.
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Let's see, 7 thighs...just enough for me LOL...LOOKS GREAT.
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MMmmmm....They sure look tasty!
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You'd have a way's to go as far as presentation, but the color and texture look fantastic!!! Skin even looks crispy. biggrin.gif Very nice job!!!
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Nice thighs!
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They look great FBJ, nothing "fowl" about them! biggrin.gif
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Thanks Everyone.

Yeah, Bubba, presentation was not on my mind, just eating. LOL
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I always was a leg and thigh man icon_razz.gif..... those look great
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Looks good! I use the dressing marinade all the time, works well with wings too.
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Nice job fatback!!!!!!!Never let food go to waste if I can help it!!!!!!!!!!
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Chicken thigh is the best, love them, never done a contest but them look good. They are forgiving. Well done!!
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