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Hello from Pittsburgh

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I came across this site while researching electric smokers. My plan was to find a smoker to make jerky. (bigtime hunter and fisherman) I was so blown away by the info. and knowledge of the members, I decided to join and give smoking a try. I've already smoked spare ribs, with decent results, a little to much smoke, but better then any I've grilled. Now I getting ready to try my first deer jerky in a Master Built Electric smoker. I've alway made jerky in the oven before. Wish me luck. I'm also toying with the idea of Smoking the Christmas ham, but am still undecided...I come from a family of 7 (5 brothers) and boy can we eat. I'd be dis-owned and possibly dis-membered if I screwed it up!! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif LOL.

I look forward to learning and have already read the smoking basics by email. ANyway, Hi to all.
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Smokin' Siggy
Welcome to SMF !!!
Sounds like you are off to a great start of getting addicted to a new hobby, congrats !!!
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welcome found the right place.........
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Hello there, and welcome to the SMF. Glad to know you're finding some good Q info. on this site. Any questions, feel free to ask as we are a friendly bunch of smokin' folks.
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Welcome to SMF! I use an MES and have been pretty happy with what it can do. There are several other folks around here who use them too.

Make yourself at home and look around. There's lots to see as you've already found out.
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Ya' done good!

Welcome aboard the SMF, you have stumbled upon the best kept secret in the smoking universe... have fun! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Dismembered, huh!! Well that is pretty drastic. Wouldn't want that to happen. LOL

If in doubt, you may want to wait until you are a little more confident before putting on the 'big show'. On the other hand, you have time to ask questions and get info and do your research. I think you can pull it off.

There is a thread for just about any type of meat you want to smoke. So decide if it is ham or turkey or just what. Then go to that thread and ask away. There will be a number of people there to help you out, in no time.

In addition, the left hand margin has a number of articles that address different subjects. Browse through that. some very good information there.

I know it soulds confusing right now, but if you follow, step by step, the help you receive, you will do just fine. Your brothers will miss all the fun of dismembering you!!

Nice to have you and good luck with your smoke.

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Welcome to the SMF fellow pennsylvanian..if you don't want to be disowned/membered do a large pork butt guarenteed fail proof and you'll have them bowwing at your feet licking the drippings
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Welcome to the SMF. good luck with the jerky.
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place! Good luck with your Christmas smoke.
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Welcome to a fellow Westmoreland County citizen.. SMF is the "THE" place to learn and ask questions! Everyone here is so helpful, and no question goes unanswered... This is an amazing place!
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Hi Smokin' Siggy! Welcome to the SMF, glad you decided to join
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Welcome to the SMF! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome Smokin' Siggy. I am a newbie here myself from P.A. Alot of good people here with lots of information to share.
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