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error code 1

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trying to upload photo to smf gallery.

Process seems to execute correctly and then it goes to error code 1 - says it can not create a thumbnail.

Got any advice for how to correct this problemicon_frown.gif
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What format are you trying to upload it in? jpeg, jpg, bmp...

It could also be too large.
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Image size trying to upload is 600x450
Image type is jpg

There must be something that I am missing
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You have to reduce the image size to 97.7 max then upload. Another thing, though it didn't affect my upload, is not to have the image in use while uploading, meaning don't have it in an editing program while trying to upload.

Open it up in paint and click "image" in the upper tool menu, the menu will display "Stretch/Skew" click on that and reduce by entering percentages less than 100%. Try a 70-80% percent reduction and be sure you save it in .jpg format. See if the properties exceed 97.7 kb. Then try to upload in the testing area again.

Hope this helps.
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Oh My God !! Not an Error Code 1

This is a very serious issue. After considerable research it has been determined by the American Medical Association that there is only one real solution.

The AMA strongly recommends that you send your next smoking results to me, for evaluation and review. I know this is a big sacrifice because traditionally the item is structurally altered during testing and rarely in a condition suitable for return. On a further note, our research has shown that even when returned, it is never of benefit to it's original owner.

One possible use is to place the altered item in a paper bag, light the bag on fire and toss it on a mean neighbors porch, on Halloween night. This has been found to provide long lasting consolation to the originasl owner.

I know it is a considerable sacrifice, but then, it is your small contribution to medical science.

Please contact me when you are ready to proceed.
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Tried an image size of only 50kb, same results!

This is the message I am getting

Warning: copy(/home/admin/domains/ [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/admin/domains/ on line 305

Guess I don't have permission to use the galleryicon_cry.gif
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I thought this procedure was only used for Error Code ICU 8-1-2...
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Got it nowicon_smile.gif

Thanks wavector; I did not realize you had to do this while creating a post. Was trying to upload directly to the gallery

Thanks, Marvin
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I know you are having trouble. But I knew also, that you were in good hands and would get it fixed soon. We were just having a little fun with you. Hope it didn't offend.

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ooops... I forgot the smiley and rilly meant no harm. My bad... PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Of course not. A little levity is always appreciated in troubling times.
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Whew!! Glad you got the problem solved.

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