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Who's cooking Q 12/15-12/16

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Alright, what's going on at your place this weekend. And don't try blaming the weather........mad.gif

I got a butt, chicken parts, and some bacon to do this weekend, but not particular game plan. Most likely will be chicken on Saturday and Butt on Sunday with the bacon possibly on Saturday night.
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Says the Florida girly-man weather lover! ;{)

Just some uncased summer sausage for gifts, and some jerky for cash :{)
And of course, serving the salmon <Second batch heh> at a big B-day party for a friend. Also, I'll be helping man the grill there, he's doing lamb chops and a leg roast...sooo does that count?
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Hey rich... the weather is going to suck here this weekend! Lows of 65, winds of 20-25 knots, and rainy.
And in all that I am going fishing.PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif Not by choice but there is a tournament.
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I have a 8lb. pork butt,a case of beer,Jose Cuervo has made a visit to my house for the weekend,nothing that resembles work in any way.I am going to watch sports,scratch,smoke,drink,nap,until Monday morning when I go back to work.Weekends...You gotta love um!!!
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[quote=Richtee;130588]Says the Florida girly-man weather lover! ;{)


LOL Yep. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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well today is the best weatherday for the wkend so i'm doing a couple cornish hens,fatty,& hot italian sausages today. qview later.
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I'm doing a butt, bologna and probably a fatty. Might even get some wings done. Having some folks over to play the "Man Law Game". Might drink a beer too.
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You all are making me hungry!
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I am planning on a batch of venison summer sausage. I have to dig through the freezer, tonight, to get to my trimmings. Things should go much easier this weekend. I had to put on my electrician hat last weekend, and install an outdoor 20amp, dedicated outlet. I was getting tired of running an extension cord out the basement window. Especially when it's ZERO outside. PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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It looks like I will be doing a Rack of babybacks, a fatty or two and maybe some of Dutch's beans. Supposed to be windy with snow, in the garage I go.
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I'm planning on making turkey pastrami......if the lid on my smoker isn't frozen shut.
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Standing Rib Roast Sunday here with a few Fatty's
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When I think of smoking a fatty something else comes to mind. Would someone please explain what a fatty is?
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I got 2 chickens that I'm gonna smoke. Probably try a fatty too. We'll see how it turns out.
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I am getting an early start....Just started 9 pound of Canadian Bacon...Two 2 pound Fatty's , stuffed with Cheddar cheese and peppers and onion, and 4 pounds of Ground beef jerky...Bought a pork butt this morning, so I will probably do it Sunday..30 degrees and windy here....
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10#s of jerky bout finished in merinade-put alot of small pieces on today,with a group of ABTs & some of deejays bacon wrapped chicken livers-fried the rest for lunch.Did a beer up the butt chicken on the grill yesterday(boy did mama love it)my bro did buckboard bacon yesterday-so maybe look for a loin tomarrow and get it soaking-my other bro close by has a stainless steel tank(6ft tall X24 in. round) I trying to get from him (looks positive) next smoker project!anyway gonna be a jerky we on the smoker & I sure I will Q. somthing.
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I'll be taking my MES for it's first run tonight after I get home from work. Doing a salmon filet. Temps in the mid 30s, scattered showers, mild wind. Sounds like perfect smoking weather to me!
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I plan on doing some ribs, a couple fattys and some ABT's on Sunday. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The rains have started and I am not even fishing yet. Going to be a tough day tomorrow
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Man... calling for 12-24 inches of snow here. Could be pizza and leftovers all weekend.
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