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Do You Smoke Naked????

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For most of us I hope not! I am talking about covering brisket vs. smoking "naked" on the pit. I usually cover @ around 160* and cook to 190-200* depending on pulled or sliced. but I know many Pros that cook w/ no foil
completely exposed the entire time. My fear would be a very smokey piece of meat and very dry.
Anyone have any thoughts on this???
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Not anymore. Neighbors always complained.

But seriously folks, Since I use a propane GOSM with a water pan I leave it naked. I always end up with a nice smoke flavor and juicy meat.

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I wouldn't have any neighbors left....

I have a stick burner and I guess I am more concerned about the moisture than amount of smoke???
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It all has to do w/your smoker and YOUR way of do'n it. I've done them both ways on the same smoker. I cover now for the juice. I want to capture alot of juice for beans, au jus, reheating, gravy, etc.

Naked or w/a jacket, it all depends on what the customer likes. If you want burnt ends, pm me for an easy way to get them.

Both ways are great. I do admit that foil is easier, but the best brisket comes from the "cow". Bad meat & bad cook = bad food. Good meat & bad cook = bad food. Bad meat & good cook = good food. Good meat & good cook = I don't have to sleep on the couch. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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naked On Mine So Far.doesn't Take Too Much Smoke After @ 140*f So Let It Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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smokey.........smoke RING after 140 doesn't develop.........but the meat continues to take on smoke.........

i foil at 170, till 200, then into a blanket, and into the cooler to rest

but i also put a pan under the brisket before temps reach 170, to catch the juices.........

a tip from DJDeb........put them juices in a ice cube tray......freeze em.....then you have instant au jois, or flavor for gravy......etc.
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I did kinda word that wrong didn't I, I just do not add smoke after 140*, sorry about thatfrown.gif
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Only at the customers request!! On my offsets, I usually wrap in foil in order to juice it back up.
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I NEVER smoke naked, i'm at least wearing a kilt if not my SMF thong!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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I start and finish in a pan(don't want to waste a drop of fat or juice, smoky fat is the secret to killer beans). I smoke uncovered for 2 hrs, fat side up, flip for 1 hr, then flip back and cover. A 12-13# PT will yeild about 1 1/2 qts of au jus. I serve it over the sliced meat and any left over goes into Q sauce.
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I used a pan the whole time w/ my last brisket and it turned out great, lots of juice. However I think I need to smoke on the racks in the new smoker the next couple of times so I can get a good meat smell in it. Right now it just smells like a fire pit.
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Go to the meat department @ the local grocery and pick up 10-15# of good hard beef suet. They'll usually give it to you for free. Smoke it on high temp until it's turned to nothing. If you can get up to 400*-450* that's ideal. It'll volatize and season the whole inside of the smoker. Then you can resmoke the captured grease and add it to beans.
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Only if there is extra rub on .......................oh better not! I guess I would say NO!

Family site, new here..................gotta behave, dag nab it!
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