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Wildflower, cooking in Dutch ovens will open up a whole new culinary experience for you and Campmaster has given you some great info.


My DO's have been kind of in retirement; they just put me back into the Scouting program where I live (brought me out of Scouting retirement) so I know that those black pots of mine will be getting a work out.

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Dutch oven chicken is amazing. One time my best buddy and I were camping out on the coast, and we had my 12 inch Lodge, a chicken, a 6-pack, some spuds, two sticks of butter, bread and a head of garlic. 

Roasted the chicken with bay leaves (sourced in-camp) served with mashers and garlic bread. We used all the drippings from the chicken as the liquid for the mashers, and the extra garlic we roasted in some butter in a beer bottle whose contents we sacrificed to make sure the bird stayed moist, we also used said bottle as a potato masher.

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I got my collection from Amazon.com free shipping gota love the Lodge brand.

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I just starting lurking around this section of the forum. This all reminds me of years ago when I was in boy scouts. I can't count the amount of cooking that we did in dutch ovens. Most memorable things were baking biscuits in them as well as the most incredible cobblers I can imagine. I don't remember the recipes 100% but expect I could wing it pretty well if I had the opportunity. Dutch ovens were the best things while camping. I'm going to start "cruising yard sales" soon. If I don't find something soon, I'll start looking at bass pro shops, cabelas etc. This section has brought back a lot of good memories. Thanks, Greg

You can get the Lodge stuff off Amazon. Almost everything else is Chinese, except La Cruiset which is French.

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