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First DO

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OK, I am learning new smoking tricks from this great forum. Enough is not enough so now I want to try DO cooking. I will be cooking over pit with charcoal or wood splits. What size DO is best for a fng? Thanks in advance!
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12" is the usual size. You can get them pre-seasoned or plain where you have to season them yourself. Goat & Dutch know more on this subject than I do. Hopefully they can help you further.
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Cajun is right on the money.

Most recipes seem to be for the 12" Dutch Ovens. If you want to cook over coals, then look for one with legs! I later added a larger one to my collection to make bigger pots of soups. Cabelas has a great selection. Keep asking if you have other questions.
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Thanks Fish ... I forgot about the legs...eek.gif
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...whatever size you decide on be sure you get a quality item...beware of the import ovens with poor castings and the lids that don't seal tight....they may be ok for cooking up a batch of beans, but the are lousey when it comes to anything else!....
..that's all I got ta say about that.
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What they said. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Definitely don't go cheap on it. You will regret it. Get a good quality oven even it it cost a couple of bucks more. Take even just decent care of it and it will last forever.

Don't forget to get the lid with the lip on the edge to keep the coals from sliding off.
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Thanks guys, I think a 12" Lodge will be purchased when I get back to the states.biggrin.gif
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You have made a good choice, my friend.
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For the wife and I, I use a 8 inch DO, I also have a 10 inch and a 12 inch. I have both Lodge and Camp Chef. Like either one. Get one with legs and a lip on the lid. Be sure to get a lid lifter and some well insulated gloves.

Then practice, practice and eat!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I've got a Lodge 5qt (10" I think) for the stovetop and a 12" with legs and flat/rimmed top. I enjoy using both of them. I also picked up a campfire tripod this year so we can take more of our cooking outside. I do chili, beans, soups and whatever I can in my dutch ovens. A definite crowd pleaser is cobbler. Lay out pulled pork sandwiches (or something off the smoker) with all the trimmings, then walk in with a piping hot DO cobbler and everyone will sing your praises.

I agree that you can't go wrong with Lodge... definitely worth the $$$. Their pre-seasoned stuff is great, but if you end up with a non-seasoned item, just follow the seasoning instructions and you will have a nice piece of cookware. I also use their 14", 12", 10" and 8" skillets and a couple of muffin pans. I have come to preferring cast cookware over the other stuff (aluminum, teflon coated, etc.).

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stay away from to heavey of tomato based things in your DO. till it's seasoned real good.
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I just starting lurking around this section of the forum. This all reminds me of years ago when I was in boy scouts. I can't count the amount of cooking that we did in dutch ovens. Most memorable things were baking biscuits in them as well as the most incredible cobblers I can imagine. I don't remember the recipes 100% but expect I could wing it pretty well if I had the opportunity. Dutch ovens were the best things while camping. I'm going to start "cruising yard sales" soon. If I don't find something soon, I'll start looking at bass pro shops, cabelas etc. This section has brought back a lot of good memories. Thanks, Greg
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When I get back to the states a brand new 12" Lodge DO with legs will be waiting on me. Also a 12" Lodge skillet. I finished my fire pit last hitch I was home. Expect alot of questions guys.
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Lodge DO's

Cman95, Most WalMart stores carry Lodge 12'' Dutch Ovens for $48.00. I just picked another one up. Lodge is a very well manufactured DO, and the great thing about Lodge is that they are one of the few Foundries left in the good ol US of A. Yes, made by real Americans in Tennessee. Good luck my friend.
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Amazon.com is also a fairly good place to buy Lodge cast iron. They have reasonable prices and free shipping, which is not inconsequential for such heavy items.
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Glad to know you're getting into DO cooking. You'll find it to be another form of having fun while cooking. A 12 in. is a good starter size. It's all good my friend.
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"Cman95, Most WalMart stores carry Lodge 12'' Dutch Ovens for $48.00."

Wish I knew this sooner! I paid $78 for a 12" Lodge at Gander Mountian.

Just my luck.
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You can never have too many DO's. I have 1 12", 2 10", an 8, 6 and 5. I use them all  to cook pot roast, whole birds to side dishes, sauces and desserts. My next purchase will be a 14" deep Oven. I want it big enough to do a turkey.


Lovin' My Dutch Oven

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Oven. I want it big enough to do a turkey.  ????  How would you do a turkey????

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Doing a chicken or a turkey in a Dutch Oven is easy. First buy a bird that will fit your oven. A five lb chicken will fit into a 12" DO. A small turkey 8 lbs or so will fit into a 14" DO.


Start by cutting the backbone out of the bird, snip the breast on both side of the breast bone. Lay the bird on the counter and press the breast bone down till it cracks and it will lay flat. After that it can be grilled, smoked or baked.


In a 12 or 14" DO, I lay out carrots, onions and celery to use as a trivet. Lightly oil the bird (helps in browning the skin), S&P and put in DO. lay charcoals  tight all the way around the rim and 2 or 3 in the center. Put 5 or 6 underneath. Bake for 1.5 hours for a chicken and 2 to 3 hours replacing the coals as need doing a turkey.


I've got pictures and more DO info on my website that shows how to do it. http://secamper.com


I hope I answered your question, let me know if you need anything else.


Lovin' My Dutch Oven

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