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Gas Box Smoker ??

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Has anyone tried to insulate their gas box smoker. It gets awful cold in my area and it would be nice to find a way to hold the heat in for better control. Any ideas? I have pastrrami to go in soon. Processed 25 lb. of venison burger tonight to freeze and get out later to smoke in sticks and balogna. I have been using sasafras to smoke with and really enjoy the flavor. Some reports say it can cause cancer, but I guess anything we eat can have negative feedback. Has anyone else used it? Thanks for any help.

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Wrap that puppy. I have a 8" length of sisal fiber carpet I use. Worth 50° of temp. Sassafras? OK...seems a little aromatic for me, but if ya like it...so be it. No one here gets out alive.
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Rich is right. Wrap that thing with some sort of insulator. You might try modifying a water heater blanket.
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In the 40's I have used a quick fix by wrapping the smoker in tinfoil.
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Blocking the wind alone will help big time at the 40* range!!!!!!!!!!!!
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someone in a post here somewhere built a plywood doghouse w/ hinges for it. great pics of smoking in the snow.. anyone know where that thread is ?
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