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My neighbor wants to try to smoke a steak. any information any one have on that?
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My husband smoked filet mignon one time, not sliced, but like a loin, brought meat temp up to med rare and yanked it. It was great, but I kind of like these done on the grill.
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Depend's on what kind, thin cut steak's are better off with high heat.....
Now i grill my steak's ( i love ribeye's) over my Weber kettle and toss some hickory chip's on the coal's and get great smokey flavor and still have a nice med. rare steak!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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I've been doing something similar to that on my propane grill. I take 2 or 3 fist or smaller size chunks of hickory and put them in the hottest area of the left side of the grill. Once they start producing some good smoke I toss the steaks on. I even get a small smoke ring with this methodicon_mrgreen.gif The flavor is superb!

Next time I am going to try some indirect smoking on my gas grill by having only the left burner on and the meat over the other two. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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I smoked a couple last weekend. Put on the smoker when it was up to temp and left them smoking low for about an hour and a half then I took them and threw them over the direct heat in the SFB to sear and finish. turned out real good. Good smoked flavor but not over smoked.
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