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this is just off the top of my head and my basic recipe

3 cups light or dark brown sugar
1 cup pickling salt or kosher salt
2 TBL garlic powder
1 TBL onion powder
1 TBL fresh black pepper
1 TBL italian seasoning(rubbed to bring out natural oils(
1 TBL lemon pepper

i cant remember if i put anything else in it at the moment, usually this is a base. i add as i go, the most important part is the 3:1 ratio because now a days we dont need to add so much salt for preservation purposes
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Amazingly enough, the thicker chunks are just FINE! The thin cuts lost their texture and will have to go into a pate' or maybe the fish chowah idea! Never made that...hmmm. At any rate, I pulled the new salmon out at midnight after brining for 4 hours, nuked a small chunk, and it will be fine. As long as I manage not to put pine in the smoker, or something as stupid as I did with the first batch. ;{)

Thanks again folks!
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Please clarify for me what it is you are doing here ... are you cold or hot smoking?
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Hot, Paul.
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Then why brine it? ... I just sprinkle a little salt on to taste, smoke it for an hour to hour and a half. It's moist, tender and flakey.
Try it!
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For the spices... I like to incorporate onion, bay leaf and pepper flavor thru the meat. Plus, after brining, during a rest and air dry, you develop that nice seal <pellicle?> that holds it together, as well as keeping flavors in a bit better than if you don't.

Plus brining gives a bit more preservative benefits

If I were serving it hot immediately, I'd probably do as you suggested, but it's for the weekend
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I never thought of this. It would be killer and dilute the salt. Excellent idea.

Man, I love the stuff. Can taste it right now!!

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Right On!!
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I've done the exact same thing, and I too tried to rescue the offending finned fillet... with little luck. So all I did with the rest of the batch was slice it quite thinly and use it on crackers (unsalted) with cream cheese spread. The cheese cuts the salt taste in your mouth and the thin fish slice also keeps you from getting too much salt. My crappy batch was made for a party, so I made them up ahead of time to prevent my guests from piling too much fish on the cracker. Hey, maybe not the best solution for us connoisseurs, but your guests will never know the difference.

However, if you didn't make your batch for a party, yer screwed ol boy! Store the results in the uh-oh file and move on.icon_cry.gif
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Yo Rich:
This is the brine I've used for years:

2 cups soy sauce.
1 cup white wine
1 cup apple juice
1/3 cup non-iodized salt
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 TBS Black pepper
1 TBS Onion Powder
1 TBS Garlic Powder
1 TBS Tabasco Sauce

Brine for 12 hours if smoking and canning, or 24 hours if hard smoking. Alder is the best wood smoke too.

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OH! You'll want to rinse the brine off and allow it to form a pelicle prior to smoking, but I bet you figured that out already.
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Hmm like the sound of that...well, 'ceptin' the Tabasco. Ugh.. never could seem to appreciate that stuff. Pellicle well formed on the new stuff. Looked like my driveway...a sheer glaze...heh.
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I understand ... I have never cooked fish to be consumed later ... perhaps I'll give that a try sometime.
What method do you use to reheat or do you reheat?
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Good Call, Jimbo. Mine is a little different, but yours is great.

You can tell we are Oregon Brothers. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

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Served cold, typically topped with a "squeezy" <heh!> of lemon juice and sprinkled with capers. Hearty crackers on the side complete the wonderful snack/appertif
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You can tell we are Oregon Brothers. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif


Ditto on that Skip! I'm finally catching up on some of the post I missed and came across several of yours. Cool deal on the new oyster farm! I'll make it up to see ya once the weather clears a little. Things are still a bit raw down here for the wife and the funeral and all that. Once things normalize a bit we Will be coming back home for a visit.
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Salmon chowder sounds good to me with alot of potatoes, mushrooms, onions and black pepper
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Sounds good, only I'd add wild leeks, or green onion. And maybe a drip or two of worchestershire to it.

I just posted my smoked trout recipe, it was originally meant for salmon.
Having a wide range of trout available to catch and cook, I prefer trout for smoking.
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