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Like this? Notice the "bowls" of hotsauce for dipping. We steamed these on Christmas Eve and I ate way way too many. icon_idea.gif

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That is exactly correct!!!

Went to a party last Friday night where we had to put two people on it full time to keep the supply going for about four hours. Do you have any idea how much beer it takes to do that???
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I love oysters! Raw to just slightly steamed (Who am I kidding, I will even chew on a rubbery over cooked one!) Ice, ice cold raw is nice with a little horseradish heavy coctail sause. Or just a touch of steamed or grilled to crack open for just a bit of added texture. (sorry, sometimes when I am eating food I want to chew just a bit)

I am too far from the water to go get them on a whim. The ole lady wont touch them. Years ago a buddy got a bushel (half maybe? but everyone calls it a bushel) for like $30 at a local farmers market (I will have to check this out some time, I think the count was near 100) At any rate he invited a few guys over to slurp them down, but everyone that he invited was like an amature or scared. A few guys never even tried any, so that left me and my buddy, the host, to do away with all of the oysters ourselves. (not that I am complaining...) I would guess that I ate 40 and my buddy the same. The thing is though, my buddy weighs maybe 125 with his tool bag full of nails, and I was 250 ehhhh 280.

Now I have to go out and see if I can find any local markets that ship them in reasonably fresh.
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I wonder if a hot smoke would do it Geek. maybe 275-300, then drop it fast to 150 or so once they open to get some smoke on 'em?
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We won't have Apalach oysters much longer if AL & GA keep fighting over the water in the river!

I don't know why you would want to ruin a perfectly good oyster by cooking it icon_smile.gif

Although on the grill in the half shell with some fresh parmesan cheese grated over it & a jalapeno slice on it is pretty good also!
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