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Recomendations for a vacuum sealer

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Just wondering if anyone has input for what to buy brand wise for a vacuum sealer. Don't need anything too serious , just looking to package up sausages and other smoked goods for personal use and gifts.

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I'm happy with my Foodsaver III.
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FoodSaver is the ONLY one. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Get a Food Saver.
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Another vote for foodsaver. They come in a wide range of prices, usually you can find one of them for sale at costco and also online.
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When I bought my foodsaver 1050 about 7 yrs ago, it cost me something like 165 bucks at Gander mountain. There alot better foodsaver models out there now for about the same money or less. I have never had a problem with mine, and have used it evry week for the 7 years.
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Not to be rude, but...DON'T GO WITH ANYTHING EXCEPT A FOODSAVER!!! Get it???
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FoodSaver, mine is over 10 years old, and still works fine.
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same thought from me, I've been real happy with mine. It's only about a year old though.
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So, let me kinda sum it up here -

Buy a Food Saver. Period. Sam's Club, Costco are the places.

Now get goin'! biggrin.gif
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I have one that I got from Cabella's, cost a lot of money, ain't worth a d*mn. Never has been. They don't make them anymore, I can see why. It won't suck and is going back to manufacturer for repair.
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Handi-Vac by Reynolds... $9.99! tongue.gif

Butt seriously, the Foodsaver is my next investment.
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Foodsaver the only way to go..........Love mine............
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