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smoking jowl whats the best way to eat it?

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Hi, I have one jowl that I am going to smoke like bacon which has been brined. From what I have read that is the way to smoke it, hope I am right. I have one jowl in the freezer that has not been brined. I have no idea how to cook these. Any and all info will be appreciated. The smoked bacon came out great thanks to DJ Deb and Cowgirl. Thank you again for your help. Will post pics friday. Paul in Maine.
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Never heard of a jowl. What is it????????????
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I only had it once at a pig roast .... the most delicious heart attack I ever tasted!

I think the best way to eat it is with a full set of teeth! icon_redface.gif

Paul in Ontario
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I may not be able to help,; but I do need to increase my vocabulary, can I ask what is a jowl?
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The cheeks my friend!

Main Entry: 3jowl Function: noun Etymology: alteration of Middle English chavel, from Old English ceafl; akin to Middle High German kivel jaw, Avestan zafar- mouth Date: 1598 1 a: jaw; especially : mandible b: one of the lateral halves of the mandible2 a: cheek 1 b: the cheek meat of a hog
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I've never eaten or cooked jowl, but I did a quick search and this sounded interesting.

This appears to be the same recipe but with pictures. :)
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Never done jowl but I's guess ya treat it like belly. Cure, smoke and slice. It's good stuff!
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Reply to what is a jowl

Hi,the cheek meat of a hog is a jowl. Supposed to be like bacon but this is my first attempt at smoking jowl. Have a good one. Paul
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Treat it like bacon - best way to eat it I have tried is fry it up and make a sandwich.

What we call the jowl is pretty much the neck but I guess does include the cheeks. Cut it off the head in one piece.
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I treat the jowl just like bacon. Also after curing and smoking, slice in a nice thin round to fry. They are tasty.
Glad your bacon turned out well
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Call Granny Clampett.
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I have some hog jowl I just bought at Wal-Mart and it isn't near smoky enough...I want to put it in my smoker and pep it up a bit. Anyone have any idea how long and at what temp I should use?
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Well, it's already cooked, so just reheat it in the smoker til it's warm or hot to your liking.
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smoking jowl whats the best way to eat it?

to answer the original question is with a fork. but seriously jowl is some, NO the BEST meat on a hog, not much there but it is to die for..when we butchered that was the meat we saved to cook last that and the tongue some of the guys would fight over the licker.
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we just buy it and slice and fry.....we always eat hog jowl on new years day with collards and black eye peas. It's a southern thing.
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I just put it in long enough for the smoker to get hot enough to make lots of smoke and let it sit for about an hour...I'll definitely be trying it out in the morning for breakfast!

I just hate that they sell it only the last 2 weeks in December, I'd eat it all year long! It's far better than bacon. the flow chart below shows, bacon is GOOD!!!

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LOL...good one Cyre.
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