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Competition for the WSM?

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Picked this up from another forum. Any one here heard anything about it?

"The WSM's Nemisis Generating Buzz

Word has it that ProQ BBQ, Ltd., a U.K. based company and maker of a
WSM-like smoker, will be making the big pond jump to the U.S. in a bold
way. With one current U.S. distributor (in Buffalo, New York) already
selling their smokers, it has now been reported that ProQ BBQ, Ltd. is
poised to open offices in Arizona by the end of February 2008.

Should Weber Smokey Mountain be nervous? Time will tell, but around
the time of their Arizona office opening, it's been said that they will
also be introducing a new model that is reported to be bigger than the
popular WSM. Sources say that the new ProQ Smoker will be approximately
2.5" bigger than their current 'Frontier' model and, at a reported 20"
diameter, will be 1.5" bigger than Weber's current mainstay.

As soon as 'Frontiers' big brother is introduced, ILBBQS will be
running a head-to-head comparison against the WSM to see how things shake
out. Stay tuned!"
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Ahhh, those crazy Brits! biggrin.gif Well, that will be interesting to see how this new offering makes it over here.
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I wonder if Weber will come out with a bigger WSM model in response. They need to offer a bigger one anyhow.
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Here's the link if you want to take a peek:

At the current selling price of 149.99 that's equals $306.00 american.
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Could be... I've never cooked with a WSM, but have seen 'em and heard they are kinda limited on space.
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I've cooked on one but can't remember if we put 4 or 6 butts on one.
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