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Bacon rub help

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Hey guys.

Quick question for you - I'm trying to make my own bacon, but I'm concerned that I'm not using enough salt on it.

I basically rubbed it until the rub wouldn't stick anymore - should I add more rub to the bag?
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jimmy, I'm not sure what kind of bacon you are making or what kind of salt you are using.
If you are using mortons tender quick cure, I apply 1TBs per pound of meat, mixed with 1 tsp of sugar. Mix together apply to meat and then shake off any excess.

Good luck to you.smile.gif

Here's a link for canadian bacon..http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...threadid=11250
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watch it......you can get TOO much salt...........check this link out.....and mosy thru all the started threads............


i am in the middle of making bacon as we speak, but i am doing it wet and injected
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Thanks all!


I'm using this recipie - my pork belly is only about 10 pounds, so I'm using one cup of salt, one cup of brown sugar, and some black pepper.

I rubbed the hell out of the belly, but I have a lot of rub left over - should I add some more rub onto the meat? I started curing on Saturday - hope I didn't do something that would require me throwing out all the meat.

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Morton tender quick and Morton sugar cure have been favorites of mine for 50 years. A little maple extract doesn't hurt either. Just don't use too much untill you try it a time or two to get the flavor right. If you are going to smoke it the cooler the smoke the better it will be. I like a smoke box about ten feet away from the source of the smoke.
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Jimmy, if you rubbed the hell out of it, I bet it will be fine.
Remember to wash the bacon off after the curing time to remove the salt...I'd also soak it in cool water for at least an hour after curing.
Then dry and smoke.
Good luck to you and keep us posted.smile.gif

Arrowmaker, Morton's products are my favorite too!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'll second what Cowgirl said. You should be fine.
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