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Porks and Beefs together

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Got a Party coming up that I want the Pork shoulders to share the same smokey room as the Beef rumps...what is the best choice of wood(s) to use??
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hmmmmmmm....good question........pork i like apple or cherry.......a "sweet" wood........beef i like hickory........a stronger flavor.......

but in the end........i like smoke...........i have used hickory for both beef and pork........others will say mesquite.........specially with beef....

but i have yet to do both at room at the moment.....

i am sure others will be along who has done both at once
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I think I would use a mixture of apple and hickory. I like both with both when done seperate!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I most always use hickory for pork and beef. But then being from Tennessee we use hickory for most everything.
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I would go with a mix of hickory and cherry. This combo has always worked well for me.
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I do butts and briskets at the same time alot, i just burn apple and oak, no complaints yet. I think mixing woods of flavors is a good idea also.
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I am a little leary of using mequite...I have used it in the past and it seemed to be very overpowering. Or was it just me?
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...maybe I just had some bad wood,eh?...
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I use mostly hickory, and always have good flavor.
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I like hickory, apple and cherry for both meats. I tend to mix apple or cherry hickory for either. I go about 2/3 fruit wood to the hickory. Just my 2 worth.
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Thread Starter pecan, hickory, apple and cherry standing by for this comes the time to use the nose (..and the force!!).
T minus 20 hrs and counting...
Thanks for sharing the knowledge!...
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mesquite depends on the palate. texans love lots of mesquite(especially south & west texans) for lighter palates,lay off the mesquite earlier in the smoke & stick w/ the hickory, pecan if you can get it,cherry etc.... maple is pretty good too buti tend to preburn it & just add the coals as my palate thinks it's strong. hope it helps.
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When doing both, I use straight Hickory. Mesquite is too strong IMHO (even when used 50/50 with Hickory) and is not allowed to play in my back yard any more.

Try this: yanno those Pork spares cryo-pacs? I buy mine at Sam's. When they get trimmed down to just the ribs, what to do with the extra meat? Grind it, mix it 50/50 with hamburger, make it in to meatloaf, and smoke it with Hickory.mmmmmmmm
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i have been mixin' hickory with a little pear.... it has been working pretty good...
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