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Weekend Smoke Report

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I made two meals on the ECB this weekend: Wings and Ribs. We had the wings Saturday night...we just finished the ribs. Now I see why this hobby is so adicting. icon_redface.gif

I made up a batch of Dizzy Pig wings:

I followed the directions and they came out unbelievably well; they tasted fried. A little home made BBQ at the end and we were good to go. Damn, they were good! icon_eek.gif

I kinda did my own thing with the ribs, somewhat following a recipie I had. In hindsight, I should have added another chunk or two of apple wood after the frist hour/hour and a half. Also, instead of 3 hours, I should have done 4. Some of the thicker end of the rack was a little undercooked. But that part that was cooked. icon_eek.gif Yum!

For the rub, I used a pork rub my wife makes up. She gets it from one of our Williams-Sonoma cook books. Same with the BBQ sauce...she makes it from a recipe in the book.

How about some pics?

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One more! The ribs cooking temp.

Just a note here. I did NOT use the water bowl when cooking the wings per a buddy's recommendation. I noticed without the water bowl, the temps climbed pretty good on the top rack. As you can see, the temp in the smoker didn't get that high with the ribs...I used the water bowl for the ribs.
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Nice, looks really good!
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looks tasty.
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Nice job looks wonderful!!!!!!!
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The wings and the ribs look great!

I checked out the recipe. It's interesting that the recipe says that low and slow cooking renders the fat out of the skin making it crispy while the conventional wisdom around here is that high temps are necessary for crispy skin.
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I'm going to assume the corn meal and semi high temp had more to do with the crispy skin. I think the cornmeal draws out a bit of the moisture? I'm not 100%.

Regardless, they tasted like they were fried. The skin was very very crispy.
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Great job! That is an interesting recipe for the wings... I am gonna try that. Thanks for sharing!
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Good lookin grub!!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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That looks very good, maybe crispy skin because of cornmeal and no water bowl.
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A buddy of mine highly recomended the wings. They delivered beyond my expectations. If some of you do make them, let me know you're thoughts.
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Looks great Glenn, thanks for sharing the wing recipe!biggrin.gif
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Nice job Glenn. Thanks for sharing. Nice QVIEW!
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