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Hello from Colorado

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Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. My profession is in Law Enforcement, hence the avitar and my forum name!
I've been smoking and grilling a long time. Its kinda taken on a life of its own and is turning into a family hobby. Two years ago, with the help of family and friends, my wife and I started our own competitve BBQ team and have been doing pretty well winning awards.
I joined your forum because my heart and soul is in BBQ and anywhere you can learn from one another and help others to further our sport and hobby I think is a great place to be!
If I can help any of you, give me a shout. I don't know it all but I sure have fun learning and experimenting!
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Mike, welcome to the forum!! Looking forward to seeing some pics from your cooks.
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Welcome to the site, there is alot of good friendly folks here.
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Welcome aboard the SMF! Good to see another in law enforcement join our ranks.
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Welcome to the SMF, nice web site you have there.
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Welcome to SMF! Lots of friendly folks here who love to share smoking stories and info. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your experiences. Make yourself at home. We're glad you joined us.
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Welcome to SMF !!!
You will fit in just fine here. What do you feel are some of your best and/or favorite smoked products? Personally I was a sausage person till I found SMF and the SMF members guided me into MANY other meals I had been missing out on.....
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I love Pork in general but I love to smoke and eat Q!.Today yestersday I did some pig candy and some ABT's. the photo included is a photo of some ABT's I did a little while back.

I'm real interested in learning how to do my own sausage and curing of hams and such. Lots of stuff on my Christmas list!
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Bossman welcome to smf. Look forward to your q-view. Neat logo!!!!!
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Welcome to SMF Boss...
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Nice to have you on board. You arrive with lots of experience but you will enjoy the friendship and banter as much as anything.

Once again, welcome to SMF.

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Hey Bossman, welcome to SMF :) what part of CO do you live?
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Welcome to the SMF!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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I live in Fort Morgan.
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Welcome to the SMF Bossman!smile.gif
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Welcome to THE forum Boss! Looking forward to learning a thing or two from ya.
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Welcome to SMF,Bossman , see ya in the forums .
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Welcome Boss. I look forward to sharing with you. Lots of friendly folks here and I know you will fit right in.
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welcome bossman-smoke makes good friends& grub
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